How to Pair Apple AirPlay with HomePod

HomePod is an advanced audio speaker which modifies the place and gives you good quality of music. HomePod also supports the Siri assistant, so you can even give voice commands.

What Do You Mean by AirPlay?

AirPlay is a beneficial method to stream any content from the system to any MP3 or MP4 device. Through iTunes, you can use many music speakers which are similar to AirPlay. With the help of that speaker, you can listen to the songs anywhere in your home.

The AirPlay give you an option to choose which compatible music speaker you want to stream music over.

If you want to stream any content from the system, then you can take the help of Apple audio player instead of using AirPlay remote control. Choose the music or from the iTunes library, playing, pausing, skipping that song and individually changing the music of every music speaker from the iOS devices.

Steps for Using Spotify and Pandora on HomePod:

If you like to listen to songs given on the Spotify, Pandora or in similar applications which supports the song, audio file, CD, or same kinds of audio, then go through the given steps:

  • Go to any of the application you like to use.
  • Search for the AirPlay option. You will get this option on the computer screen which is shown when you listen to any music. You will find it in a different place in every application.

Search for that button to adjust the music you are listening. You will see the AirPlay symbol which resembles a square shape symbol.

  •    Click “AirPlay” option.
  • Press the name of the HomePod given on the menu list of gadgets.
  • You can now listen to the songs from these applications from your Homepod.

Steps for Choosing AirPlay and Homepod in Control Center:

You will also get the additional method to stream your songs in the HomePod with the help of AirPlay option in the Control Center. This method supports MP3 applications, and it can be used when you are working on the application or not.

  • Click to play that music from these applications.
  • Go to the “Control Center” by moving upward from the end or downward from the upper side of your iOS device.
  • Search for the song controller option given in the upper side of Control Center. Click on it to enlarge.
  • You will get a menu list of all similar AirPlay gadgets on the system screen where you can stream your music.
  • Click “HomePod” given on the top of your screen.
  • In case the song is not able to play, then click “Play or Pause” option to play the music again.
  • Shut down the Control Center option.

Steps for Playing Music From a Mac on HomePod:

Mac users can also enjoy the AirPlay option, and the users can listen to the song from the app on the Mac with HomePod. You will get a two method to play the songs from Mac, follow the given steps for the operating system or within iTunes:

  • For the Operating System:
  • Press “Sound” option given on the right side of the menu list, which resembles a music player.
  • Tap the HomePod to choose this.
  • Click “Play” button to play that music you want to listen to from applications like Spotify and Pandora.
  • Inside the iTunes:
  • Tap “Airplay” option located on the left side of the panel on the upper side of the desktop.
  • Click “HomePod.”
  • Press “Play” option to listen to a song from any of the application.