How to Optimize your MacBook Pro Battery Life

MacBook Pro batteries have been created to last a long while. When used moderately, a full charge can last up to a whole day. But, over time, the battery health starts deteriorating. If you are travelling and do not have a charger or power outlet nearby, then there are some tricks to improve the MacBook Pro’s battery. Here’s how you can maximize the battery life of your MacBook:

  1. Review the battery health of your MacBook Pro

You need to see the battery health-related information for the device to check whether the battery life can be improved or not. TO do so, just long press the Option key while clicking on the battery bar on the MacBook. Scroll down to health information and see the cycle count and condition.

  1. Turn on battery percentage

When you turn on battery percentage, you can easily access the status of the battery. By this, you can check how the battery is performing.  When you enable the battery percentage bar, it will allow you to find out when the battery starts to display issues. To do so, just go to the Menu bar and press the Battery option. From the list of options, choose Show Percentage.

  1. Enable energy saver

Since MacBook Pro tends to consume a lot of power, one needs to check that that power usage is effectively allocated in a method that maximises the battery life. In order to do so, one needs to turn on energy saver. For activating energy saver, open the Apple menu, and select System Preferences from the list of option. After that, choose Energy Save and place a checkmark on all the options given on the screen.

  1. Disable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

Powering off the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth can help you save the battery. In order to disable Wi-Fi, press the Airport option in the menu bar and then click on Turn Wi-Fi off from the menu. For disabling Bluetooth, click on its icon located in the menu bar and then select the Turn Bluetooth Off option.

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source: How to optimize your macbook pro battery life