How To Multitask On Your iPad To Increase Productivity?

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Prefer using the iPad split-screen mode to work on two applications on the iPad at a single time? The iPad got upgraded. Now, it comprises a fantastic capability to do multitasking. This is a feature that is not only present in your regular iPad but also in the iPad Pro models. Most of the people think that multitasking on the iPad means just changing between application and this is completely wrong.

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In iPad, there is also the feature of split-screen multitasking.

How to begin with the multitasking on the iPad

The way of enabling or disabling the toggle of multitasking gestures by settings-

  1. Firstly, go to the Settings application.
  2. Then, select General. It will be present at the left-side menu.
  3. Click on Multitasking and Dock.
  4. Press the on-off option. It will be immediately after to Gestures.

The method of using the iPad split-screen mode

You may have noticed that in every iPad the task of switching of an application can be done very quickly. It is worth noting that the simplest method of doing multitasking is via the dock. You can also go for the task manager screen.

  1. Go to the first application.
  2. Then, users require to move their finger for revealing the dock.
  3. Check that it comprises of every application that you docked to it. And few most recently used applications.
  4. After that, move any of the given application on the screen.
  5. Note that, if you swipe for longer while opening the dock, resulting in opening the ‘task manager’. Fortunately, you shall be able to do multitasking with this screen. Rather than trying to move the application symbol at the mid of the display, move it to the application window and continue pressing on the display till that application window develops to full-screen mode.
  6. Observe that applications that support multitasking shall be shown by rectangular shape around them. You need to check whether application symbol has a square shape window or not. If it has square one, then it will not allow the multitasking and will get started in full-screen mode.

Are you unable to find the application that you want to use on the dock?

  1. You can close the present application by pressing the Home Button and work on the application that you would prefer.
  2. Then, do these steps one more time.
  3. Look that the application you earlier opened shall get displayed towards the right side of the dock as one of the recently visited applications.

Note: if you often use split-screen view with a specific application, prefer adding them to the dock for availing it fast.

  • Whenever you put the new application on display, it shall look like a floating window at one side of your iPad.

Next, the window can be dragged to the left or right according to your preference by your finger. It will make it simple to place it for using a full-screen application.