How to Modify Your TikTok Profile Page

TikTok is a popular short-video platform which has been selected as one of the best apps of Google Play-store in the category of “most entertaining”. This has over 150 markets across America, Asia, and Europe continent. It is an excellent example of the concept of Globalization (Global Localization), having spread worldwide with 75 local languages for encouraging users to register here and interact with the contents pertinent to local culture.

TikTok Profile

If you have a TikTok account, then it’s not a surprise. You can add a profile picture as well as video, display name, YouTube and Instagram then you can modify your profile also in simple steps as mentioned below:

  1. Open the TikTok app and press on the “Profile” option, then select “Login” and log in with that you registered with.
  2. Hit on the “Edit Profile” for opening the profile editor.
  3. Hit on “Profile Photo” then select a photo from your camera roll. It may ask for cropping and saving the photo. It is to be noted that this profile picture will appear on your videos,live streams, sounds and messages.
  4. Hit on “Profile Video” then select a video. Now, trim and crop it to six seconds and save it. This will appear on your profile page only or those pages containing all of your videos,your bio and your links to external social media.
  5. Hit on the “contact card”block then add a display name for your friends and followers. Select that display name which will be easier to find. If you don’t have a display name,then your username of TikTok will be your display name.
  6.  If you desire to change your existing username, then you can change it on TikTok, but you can’t change it for 30 days after alteration.
  7. Press the field and type a“Bio” that describes you the best. Your bio should be having the intensity to attract people to follow you. But SPAM and promotion of another website are prohibited.
  8. Hit “Instagram” and log in with Instagram and allow for TikTok to link with your Instagram.
  9. Hit “YouTube” and log in with Google account and select the channel and allow for TikTok to link with your YouTube channel.
  10. Hit the red “Save” option for saving your alterations to your profile. If you want to discard your alterations, then select the “Back” option then select “Quit”.