How To Manage Installation Of Apps In Windows 10?

Most of the people use Windows 10 and depend on the apps for many things. These apps can be installed from the Play Store. However, not all of the applications are from the App Store. And it is worth noting that applications that have been installed from the net can even be unsafe for the system. So, there are some changes that users can make while downloading applications.

Managing the installation of applications in Windows 10 can simply be done from the Settings itself. The ‘Apps and features’ part have even an option which is named as ‘Installing apps’.

Here are the ways to manage the installation of applications in Windows 10

  • Firstly, press on the ‘Windows symbol’ which has four square shapes embedded on it.
  • As a result, the ‘Start’ menu will get displayed on your screen.
  • Then, select the option ‘Settings’ on it.
  • After that, different options will be shown on the screen.
  • So there, go for locating and select Apps option.
  • Observe that at the beginning itself you’ll be able to get ‘Installing apps’.
  • Lastly, press its ‘drop-down’, and that will result in presenting some option in front of the user. The user should select the one whichever they feel like. If get confused about selecting part then briefing with explanation has been given as well.

Here, get to know the proper functions of the controls.

‘Allow applications from anywhere’

The function of this option is that it makes the user install any application over the net without showing  warning messages before installing the application.

  • Especially, people for avoiding application that consist virus doesn’t go with this option.
‘Let me know before installing apps from outside the Store’

If the user goes for this one, then Windows 10 will let the user know with the assistance of an alert that they are trying to do installation which is not happening from the Play Store. This makes the user aware before getting into an unsafe application.

  • If the user finds any of such alert, then there is even a solution presented for the same. The solution is that the user should go for a similar kind of app but that should be from App Store itself by pressing on ‘See more in Store’ option.
  • If the user doesn’t care for such type of an alert, then they can even go for the option like ‘Install anyway’.
‘Allow apps from the Store only’

The function of this option is that it will only support the user to install any of the application from App Store rather than from all places. It makes the user stay on the safe side.

Hope this blog would have been useful to you.