How To Make Phone Read Out SMS To You?

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A few taps can save your time!

Everyone knows that you can send SMS, but the only a couple of people know that Android gadgets shall be able to read them to them by the OS voice commands.

Best ways to make your phone read to you

The method of turning on ‘Ok Google’

  1. Firstly, go to the Google application.
  2. Click on the menu. It has the symbol of three horizontal lines placed at the corner.
  3. As soon the menu options get displayed, click on Settings.
  4. Then, press on Voice.
  5. After that, click on Voice Match.
  6. Lastly, go through the instructions that are given on the screen for turning on voice detection from the Google application itself.

Have a look at the commands that ‘OK Google’ will respond to-

  • ‘Show me my last messages’: The recent five messages shall be read loudly by firstly making you aware about the sender of every SMS then it will ask you for whether you would like to listen to it or not. There will also be an option for responding by voice itself.
  • ‘Send a text’: If you are planning to send new SMS in a reply of it, prefer saying ‘Send a text’ following the ‘Ok Google’ order. Then you will be asked the name of an individual whose message you would like to know.
  • ‘Do I have any messages?’ : It will let you know the newly received SMS.
  • ‘Show me my last message’: It will let you know about the recent conversations for paying attention.

Go through Google Assistant

A different method for using Google’s voice commands is by installing Google Assistant application. It is worth noting that it can be downloaded entirely free of cost in Google Play. After downloading it, you only need to start the application and say the above same orders as mentioned in the ‘OK Google’ part.

Third party applications for reading SMS

Not just inbuilt Google’s voice assistant, you will also get plenty of options of applications that are present for audio-only messaging. Some of the examples are as follows-

  • ReadItToMe: ReadItToMe has fantastic features like it not only reads out the SMS that you have got but also translates into proper English whenever needed. This improves your vocabulary indirectly.

Text by Voice: It supports you to sharing texts only by your voice and even be set to read out the newly received texts thoroughly by itself especially at the time you are busy in cooking or driving etc.

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