How to Link and Broadcast your PS4 on YouTube/Twitch

If you’re a good player and want to show off your gaming skills to the world, then it’s easy. Just link your accounts and start broadcasting. Whereas Facebook and Twitter accounts can also be linked to the PlayStation 4 account, but with this account, live streaming gameplay to the channels is not possible. Yes, you can upload Video clips and screenshots to your channel.

Here is the process to link and broadcast your PS4 on YouTube or Twitch

How to link your PS4 account with the YouTube

1.    Open the PlayStation main menu.

2.    Open ‘Settings’.

3.    Go to ‘Account Management’.

4.    And then ‘Link with Other Services’.

5.    Choose ‘YouTube’ from the services options.

6.    Select ‘Sign In’ on the next screen. This will automatically open your Playstation’s web browser.

7.    Now, provide your ‘Google or YouTube’ account information for Sign In.

8.    Enter ‘Verification Code’ when asked. If two-steps authentication is enabled on your account.

9.    Choose the ‘YouTube account’ that you want to link for use.

When all is complete, you will receive a confirmation message as ‘Account is now linked to the YouTube account’.

How to link your PS4 account with Twitch

1.    Open ‘Playstation’ Mein Menu.

2.    Open ‘Settings’.

3.    Go to ‘Account Management’.

4.    And then ‘Link with Other Services’.

5.    Choose ‘Twitch’ from the services options.

6.    Select ‘Sign In’ from the opened screen.

7.    Take a device Mobile or Computer.

8.    And navigate to through your device browsers.

9.    Type ‘Code’ into the field right side of the screen. You’ll need a Twitch account if you don’t have a Twitch account then create it from here.

Once you were done entering the code, a confirmation message ‘SEN account is linked to Twitch account’ will appear on your PlayStation 4 screen as well as on your Mobile or Computer device.

How to Stream on PS4 to your Channel

Once accounts linking procedure is done, you can start streaming. You can follow below simple steps to stream on PlayStation 4 to the channel. Choose a game that you want to play and broadcast to your channel.

1.    Start the ‘Game ‘ to broadcast.

2.    Now, click the ‘Share’ button. You’ll find Share button at the left side of the controller.

3.    Go to ‘Broadcast gameplay’.

4.    Choose the ‘Channel’ for broadcasting.

5.    Select an option from the list of options located on the right-hand side of the screen.

Here you can select to broadcast your game via your PlayStation camera. It doesn’t matter your Playstation have a camera or not. Don’t worry if you don’t have one. Still, you can stream live gameplay to your channel.

6.    Enter a ‘Title Name’ for your stream.

7.    Choose ‘Streaming Quality’. You can choose streaming quality,

•    On Twitch: 540p (Standard) to 720p (Highest).

•    On YouTube: 360p (Standard) to 720p (Highest).

If you’re streaming your game on YouTube, then you can also use ‘Tags’ options. Tags will make your gameplay streaming easily accessible by the viewers. Viewers can find your stream through the Search terms.

8.    Select ‘Start Broadcasting’. That it! Your game is now viewable on your channel also your skills are in front of the world. Anything you’ll do on your screen while streaming it will broadcast to your channel including your voice too. If you’ve recently registered on YouTube, then you need to wait for 24 hours before the broadcasting game.