How to Get Bokeh Effect Portrait Mode images with iPhones

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Every person envies the portrait mode on the iPhone XS Max. You can calm your FOMO with the profound effect apps for the iPhone. People were already amazed by results of the “Portrait Mode” on the iPhone 8 Plus. Then came some more models such as the iPhone X, iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max that proved to be another fantastic step. Here are the ways to get depth or bokeh effect in Portrait Mode.

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  1. Fore Photo

It is fantastic for auto-creation of the blurred background. The object doesn’t matter. It isn’t going to get it exactly right. You can make changes to the parts that you want to be blurred after it applies the effect. The size of the brush is adjustable. You can pinch to zoom, and you can get really close. It is a massive bonus for the little tiny areas. Blurring has several effects. You can make it thick, wild or really pop. There aren’t so much of options. Rather than adjusting the blur intensity. You are not allowed to capture picture from within the app. It is impressive at the auto blurring of the background. It is far better than many of the apps available.

  • FabFocus

It is a dedicated background effect app that is having several options. The bokeh shape and blur amount are adjustable. Users may add the mask feathering and set up realistic depth effect. It uses facial recognition technology and creates an auto blur effect. If it isn’t able to recognize a face, then you may make the object manually. It won’t get you the super excellent result, but it will be easy to add finishing touch.

Masking brush is placed about half an inch above your finger. Users have to use double tap for zooming in and double tap again to zoom out.

  • AfterFocus

It is having a fantastic mechanism of masking. A line can be drawn around the object of the photo. You can also bring a second line creating the background. Any of the mistakes can be fine-tuned. Just add a little more lines.

Either use a lens blur or the motion blur for creating some different effects. Select a different aperture by adjusting the type of blur that has been used by choosing a different aperture. Add a filter by finalizing the photo. Add markups and the stickers.

Some people really don’t like masking the mechanism.The foreground and the background lines can be crossed. Variety and aperture of blur are always appreciated. AfterFocus won’t disappoint you for sure.

  • PortraitCam

It is an excellent blur effect app for the background with many tools and features. It is unique in many ways. Stronger blur effects can be applied to many areas. Adjust the capacity of the brush to change the effect’s strength. Gradually you can blur subject of the picture at the place of popping it out like a cookie cutter. It has many flare and glare effects that are the best seen. You can alter and adjust the amount and style of an overall blur.

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