How To Get An Emoji Faster On An iPhone Or iPad?

Messages play a significant role in our day to day life. Most of us prefer using emojis to express our feelings. In iMessages, through our voice, we can select the emoji. This type of feature has made our life easy. One more way to send SMS on an iPhone or iPad is ‘onscreen keyboard’ that can easily make you select from the entire collection of emojis. And the remarkable thing is that you can send it simply by tapping. To know about some other methods to send emojis in messages on iPhone or iPad go through this blog carefully.

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Best ways to choose an Emoji

  1. Get suggestion of appropriate Emoji on top of the keyboard

If you don’t have much time to search for a proper Emoji from an entire collection then this is the perfect method to use in Messages. Many of the times you get into the flow of writing and then it annoys you when you have to switch the keyboard in the middle of writing. You don’t need to be upset if you are an iPhone user because it comes with a golden feature-

  • The iOS offers emoji related to the word that you wrote on top of the keyboard.
  •  For instance, you can check it by writing fire in a message and you will observe that the emoji of fire will get displayed on top of the keyboard itself.
  • This saves your lot of time as it prevents you from searching for the required Emoji from the whole collection of Emoji. To get the Emoji that has been shown on top, you need to touch it.
  • You can change this setting by switching on and off the ‘QuickType’ bar and ‘Predictive Typing’ on iPhone or iPad.
  • The text that can replace to Emoji will get highlighted

If you want to insert an Emoji after you have typed out the message, in order to make your text more attractive but at the same time you’re also in a hurry, then this method is perfect for you.

  • You only need to go to the Emoji part of the keyboard.
  • Here, note that you will be able to see the text that can get replaced by an Emoji with the help of highlighted orange colour on it.
  • Lastly, to replace the highlighted word with an Emoji you need to tap on it.

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