How to Edit and Upload DSLR Photos on iPad Pro?

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Many people love to take pictures on standalone cameras such as DSLR or the mirrorless camera. One of the most frustrating points is when you need to get the photos from the camera to a device for editing. It can be really annoying if you do this using an iOS machine such as iPad. An adapter will be required here, you can use the Apple’s Lightning SD badge instructor or Lightning to USB Camera Adapter.

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USB-C and the adapters

Now iPad Pro uses USB-C.

Direct connection

A significant outcome of migrating from the Lightning to USB-C is that the users won’t require Apple’s camera adapter. Apple made USB c version of camera adapter. Many of the cameras use Micro USB for data connections. Some of the recent cameras like Nikon, Canon utilize USB-C cable. You can transfer the data by this cable.

How to import the photos from DSLR to iPad Pro

If you have connected your camera or the SD card to iPad Pro. The process of introducing photos will remain the same as always. Follow the steps given below and upload the DSLR pictures on your iPad Pro.

  1. Hook up your cameras or the SD card to iPad Pro.
  2. Photos will get launched in the Import tab.
  3. Click on images that are to be imported.
  4. Do this if you want some photos to introduce.
  5. If you have to import all of them, then click Import All.
  6. Click Import Selected.
  7. Selected photos will get imported now.

How to edit the photos from DSLR on iPad Pro

Users are equipped with several options when it comes to selecting the photos on iPad Pro. In the last some years, several apps have come to the front. These have boasted powerful editing for the RAW photos. Follow the steps given below and edit your DSLR pictures on your iPad Pro.

  1. Just import photos to Lightroom CC for some initial adjustments, present applications and profile corrections.
  2. Users can send a photo to other apps from Lightroom.
  3. Affinity Photo is a fantastic app for editing.
  4. It is equipped with all other tools like repair, layering etc. all in an interface.
  5. It is also having Apple Pencil support etc.
  6. Make sure that you have a standalone DSLR or the mirrorless camera to import and edit the photos.

With the help of this blog, you will be able to not only edit but also upload DSLR pictures on your iOS device.

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