How To Download Kindle For Windows PC?

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It is not a must to have an Amazon Kindle for reading Kindle books. You can even read your favorite stories on the computer. For instance, its credit goes to the Kindle application for Windows.

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Want to know about the Kindle application for PC?

Fortunately, the Kindle app for the computer has every feature that Amazon’s famous ebook reader has. You can put bookmarks, highlight content and also write notes. According to your preference, you can even manage the font. The best part is that the Kindle for the computer can be used with mostly every version of Windows.

The method of making an Amazon Account

It is compulsory to make one Amazon account for buying and reading Kindle books.

  1. Firstly, go to
  2. Then, put your mouse cursor on Accounts and Lists. It will be placed towards upwards at the right side of the display. Note that you don’t need to click on that option.
  3. Press on ‘Start Here from the drop-down menu.’ It is immediately under the log in.
  4. After that, fill up the registration form. It may need some of your basic information such as your name, the mail ID and a password of your account.
  5. Then, click on Create Your Amazon Account.
  6. Look, now you’ll be taken to Amazon’s home page.
  7. Click on Accounts and Lists for visiting the account page of yours.
  8. After completing the steps mentioned above, you shall be able to install free Kindle books. Whereas to buy books, you require to set up the method ofpayment.
  9. Choose Payment Options on your account and give all the required information to begin buying on Amazon.

The method of purchasing Kindle books for PC

  1. Click on Kindle Store option that is placed towards the upwards at the right side corner of the application window over the net.
  2. Then, on the Amazon browser, you can search for plenty of topics.

Remember! The Kindle Store comprises of a lot of books that are fully free of charges.

  • Lastly, click on Buy Now with 1-Click to pass on the topic that you wish to get on every device.

The method of downloading Amazon Kindle for pc

  1. Firstly, go to Kindle for computer download page and click on Add to Cart.
  2. Then, press the payment method and click on Proceed to Checkout.
  3. Click on Place Your Order.
  4. Next, click on Your Digital Items.
  5. Press on Download next to Kindle for PC.
  6. Then go to the file after the downloading finishes.
  7. Look that Kindle for computer shall by itself get installed.

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