How to Download & Install Microsoft Office Picture Manager on Windows computer

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Microsoft Picture Manager allows you to view, manage, edit and share photos of your computer. You can use Picture Manager’s locate feature to search your Pictures. Picture Manager of Microsoft also has editing tools that can be used to edit, crop, and expand a Picture. In Microsoft Office 2013 or newer versions, Picture Manager is not supported.

Steps to Download Microsoft Office Picture Manager on your Windows computer

Since Picture manager is not as the part of the Microsoft Office, to download Picture Manager on your desktop you’ll need a program, and the program is ‘SharePoint (2007).’ It enables you to install Microsoft Picture Manager on your Windows computer.

Follow steps to download and install Picture manager through SharePoint on your PC:

1.    Go to ‘SharePoint Designer’ page to download SharePoint Designer.

2.    Click on the ‘Select Language’ drop down box to choose a language.

3.    Scroll down to view more languages into the language options and click on the ‘Language’ to use it.

4.    After selecting a language, click on the orange color ‘Download’ button to begin the installation.

5.    Click on the box of ‘SharePointDesigner.exe’ to choose the download you want.

6.    Click on ‘Next’ button at the right side lower corner of the page.

7.    Select a location to save your file and follow the on-screen instruction to confirm downloading, when prompted.

After confirming SharePoint setup will start downloading to your selected location. After downloading open the file location where the setup file is stored. If you haven’t chosen any location to download the setup file then by default, it will save into your browser’s download folder.

8.    Now, double-click on the downloaded setup of SharePointDesigner to begin the installation process.

9.    Confirm with ‘Yes’ to allow SharePoint to make changes to your device.

10.    Read Microsoft Software license terms and check the box given below to the License terms to accept.

11.    Then click on the ‘Continue’ button next to it.

12.    On the next window, click on the ‘Customize’ button at the middle of the screen.

13.    Click on the left ‘Expanding +’ button of Office Tools to expand and view the list of Office tools.

14.    Scroll toward down and look ‘Microsoft Office Picture Manager’ into the Office tools list.

15.    Now, click on the left ‘Expanding +’ button of the Microsoft Office Picture Manager. This will expand the options menu.

16.    Click on ‘Run from My Computer’ from the expanding options.

17.    Now, click on the ‘Install Now’ button at the lower right side of the window.

Microsoft Office Picture Manager will start installing, and installation progress will display on your desktop. Installing will take few minutes around 15-20 minutes to complete. When the installation completes, the close option will prompt on the screen click on it.

To Open Microsoft Office Picture Manager:

1.    Open start menu ‘Search box.’

2.    Type ‘Microsoft Office Picture Manager’ into the search field.

3.    And start searching.

4.    Click ‘Microsoft Office Picture Manager’ from the results to open. If you do not find Picture Manager in the results, then restart your computer and again search.

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