How to Download Amazon Prime Videos?

This article will teach you about downloading videos of Amazon Prime on your tablet and smartphone. Amazon Prime is a type of membership that will give some fantastic benefits to customers of Amazon. Users will get a long list of benefits with a single subscription.

They can watch thousands of TV shows, music, and movies. Students can get it at a lower price. By downloading videos on Amazon Prime, you can go to the videos and watch it. You can even watch them with no internet connection.

Go to the Amazon Prime application

  1. It will be an application with a white icon saying Amazon Prime in black and blue letters.
  2. Below it has an Amazon arrow.
  3. Click on the image on the home screen for getting to the application.
  4. Users can get to Amazon Prime from “Google Play Store” on the smartphones.
  5. Go to the app store for iPads and iPhones.
  6. With your email address and password, log into Amazon Prime app.

Choose a series or a movie

  1. On the Amazon Prime home screen, you will see series and videos.
  2. Click Originals, Movies, and TV for browsing the videos.
  3. Click magnifying glass for browsing the video.

Click Download

  1. Beneath the green button, there will be a download button saying Watch now.
  2. It will be written on the info page of any of the video.
  3. Users can click Download Season for downloading an entire season.
  4. Specific episodes can also be downloaded by clicking the download icon.
  5. You won’t see the download feature for the channels like Showtime or HBO.

Choose a Video Quality

The video will get downloaded after you have chosen the option of video quality.

 Options are video quality given below:

  1. Best– As the name suggests, it has the best video quality that usually takes up most of the storage space amount.
  2. Better– Same as the name, it will give a video of good quality although some of the storage space will be taken.
  3. Good– Choosing Good will give you the average quality of the video. Some of the smaller space of the storage will be taken.
  4. Data Saver– It will provide you with the lowest quality of videos. But there is one good thing that it will occupy an inadequate result of data space on your tablet or the smartphone.

Users can even check to make this my default setting for using quality of video whenever you download any video for deleting any downloaded video from Amazon Prime, head over to the information page. Click Delete Download; it will be below the green play buttons. Click the trashcan icon.