How to Delete your Netflix Viewing History?

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As most of us are aware of this service now, Netflix is a streaming service that permits customers to enjoy several shows, documentaries, movies and much more. Users can enjoy limitless content without any interruption in between.

Source: Netflix

Viewers will always have something brand new to discover. Every month movies are also being added. It is a gift indeed. So many people are there who have doing Netflix binge-watching. So it is very usual that you may get some suggestions from your previous history.

Ok, so be ready for facing some embarrassments. You left behind viewing history is not a good idea. If you start to watch something, it will leave the movies pinned to screen top till you are done watching it. What if you don’t like the show or the movie, but it still keeps showing you up in suggestions. To get away from this, delete it out of the viewing history.

How to Delete Netflix Viewing History for Tidiness?

  1. Deleting the Netflix history is straightforward.
  2. You will need to do it individually.
  3. Users won’t see any batch delete.
  4. So here the statement “The older, the better” doesn’t apply.
  5. When you have an account for years, then it will be time-consuming to delete everything.
  6. Now after logging in to the account, see leading right-hand edge of the display and drag the avatar logo downwards.
  7. Now, select at the bottom, Account.
  8. Users will get to the account settings by now.
  9. Go to the bottom till you are in My Profile section.
  10. Tap on viewing activity now.
  11. It will take you to list of whatever you have watched.
  12. You will be presented with two screens.

Screens will show whatever you have viewed and what has been rated by you.

 Maybe you are getting something in the recommendation not because you have observed something but because you have measured it.

  1. Just delete the pieces of stuff from rating section.
  2. Change the rating of the thumb.
  3. The screen will get clear up from the misconceptions that Netflix thinks you would like to watch.
  4. Tap on a Watching tab for deleting a specific show.
  5. Users will get to a never-ending list.
  6. If you need to remove something, then tap on the right side of the show.
  7. You will see the shows split up in specific episodes.
  8. You may get the benefit to eliminating the full series if you remove one.

If the movie and the show have been pinned to page top, then it is evident that you haven’t stopped watching it. Take this off, and the list will disappear. You will see a screenshot saying that it will get removed in 24 hours. But it will get deleted in no time for sure.

It is entirely up to you if you want to delete the history or not. Of course, some people don’t care whatever is being shown in suggestions. You can be ignorant of it.

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