How to Delete Subtotals in Excel

Microsoft Excel permits users numerous functions that is most useful when working with a several-year financial calculation. To arrange that disarrange of columns, row, and hundreds of cells, you can also use in Excel “outline” features. It permits you to create logical groups to data with relevant totals and subtotals.


However, sometimes it might be turn out an overwhelming numerical of those rows subtotals and analysis financial year. But deleting them individually is wearyingand can interfere along with the spreadsheet. In this article, we will teach you how you can delete subtotal in your excel spreadsheet.

Deleting Subtotals in Standard Spreadsheets

Here are the steps on how to Deleting subtotals in standard spreadsheets:

  1. Start an Excel spreadsheet that you wish to edit.
  2. Tap the “Data” option.
  3. In “Outline” option that appears on the top of the menu on your screen, here tap “Subtotal.”
  4. In “Subtotal” option, tap “Remove All” option.
  5. This process will separate the entire data in your spreadsheet.

If you not wish to delete subtotals, but you wish to remove grouping to rearrange data in spreadsheet, then follow the following steps:

  1. Tap the “Data” option.
  2. In “Outline” option, tap on the “Ungroup” bottom-down list.
  3. Now tap on “Clear Outline” option to delete grouping in the spreadsheet.

Deleting Subtotals from Pivot Tables

Here are the steps on how to remove subtotals from pivot tables:

  1. Start an Excel file you wish to edit.
  2. Now choose a cell into the table’s row.
  3. This feature allows you to obtain the “Pivot Table Tools” menu.
  4. It will pop up on the top of the list that appears on your screen, near “View” option, and also contain two tags.
  5. That is “Analyze” and “Design” in the earlier version you can view this feature as “Option” and “Design” tabs as “Pivot Table Tools” tab.
  6. Tap on “Analyze” option, or in the older version, and you need to tap on the “Option” tap.
  7. In “Active Field” option, tap “Field Settings.”
  8. In “Field Settings” list, tap the “Subtotals & Filters” option.
  9. In “Subtotals” option, choose “None.”
  10. Now tap “OK” to verify your changes.

Add Subtotals in Your Spreadsheet

 Here are the steps on how to add subtotals in spreadsheet:

  1. Start the spreadsheet that you wish to add in subtotals.
  2. Arrange the entire sheet by the column that contains the data that you wish to add subtotals.
  3. Now tap the “Data” option in the top menu that paper on your screen.
  4. In the “Outline Section,” tap “Subtotal” to start a similar menu.
  5. In bottom-down menu, “At each change in,” choose the column that contains your data, or you wish to use for subtotals.
  6. Here you need to choose which function subtotals you want to calculate.
  7. In “Use function” bottom down menu, select any one option that is available in it.
  8. In “Add subtotal” field, choose the column that you wish to subtotals popup. Similarly, it is the similar column that you are dragging the subtotal.
  9. Here you have to left the “Replace current subtotal,” and then you can view the summary below.
  10. When you’re satisfied with the selection that you have changed, tap on OK to confirm your change.
  11. After tapping OK, you need to see the row in the spreadsheet is narrowly arranged into a group.

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