How to Customize Your Desktop

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The users can change many things to make their computer look different like background wallpapers, different styles fonts, desktop screensavers, icons, and sounds. They can personalize the sound of an alert text, creating their own picture as their background, adding multiple fonts to their text box and many more.

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Steps to Change the Desktop Theme

  • Understanding themes. Themes include background wallpapers, different styles fonts, desktop screensavers, icons, and sounds which are set by the users of the Windows. Adjusting the whole theme at only one click to completely change the desktop of the system as compared to the previous desktop.
  • You can download multiple Windows by using your Internet as when installing Windows from the internet it only includes only two themes inside it.
  • Modify the theme. Go to the “Personalization tool” located in the “Control Panel” page. Browsing with the themes which are already installed on your system and select one that you want. In case you wish to find multiple themes online, then press the “Get more themes online” URL.
  • For the users of Windows Vista, they have fewer choices in themes. When you go to the “Personalization” menu page, press the “theme” URL. By following these steps, it will open the “theme Menu,” here you can choose themes which are installed on your system from a pull-down section. In case you like to add multiple themes, you have to find those themes and install themes to the system.

Steps to Change the Desktop Background

  • Find a new background picture. Windows will offer you different options in case you wish to adjust the desktop picture, but in case you want to apply customized background wallpaper, you have to search or create a new theme. You have to check how much large picture you are installing.
  • Go to the “Screen Utility” option. In case you are the user of Windows XP, 7, 8 then go to the “Control Panel” page and after that, unlock “Display.” For users of Windows Vista, go to the “Control Panel” option, unlock “Personalization” and after that, press “Display Settings” located at the end of the desktop.
  • Create a note according to the size of the desktop. To make the picture to look beautiful, you need that background wallpaper having the equal size as the desktop. Go through the “Slider” located in the screen window which shows the desktop pixels list.
  • Install a picture. By using “Image Search Engine” option, you can search for a new wallpaper for the desktop. Go to the “Search Tools,” press “Size” button and after that,

choose “Exact” option. After searching for the picture you want, download it on the system.

  • Place the wallpaper. Unlock the “Personalization Tool” given in the “Control panel” page. It is the option which is located in the “Appearance & Personalization” category, according to the setting of the “Control Panel” page. In this page, you can go to the “Desktop

Background.” Press the “Browse” button to find the system where you want to download the picture.

Steps to Change the Screen Saver

  • Go to the “Personalization” menu page. You will get the page into the “Control Panel,” below the “Appearances & Personalization” option. Move to the “Screen Saver” page. It will show “Screen Saver” settings.
  • Adjust the “Screen Saver.” By using the pull-down menu page to select from screensavers which are already installed.
  • Adjust screen saver settings. You are able to change the size of the screensaver, and the lock setting of your system. Depends on the “Screensaver” you had selected, you can change settings for it by pressing the “Settings” option.
  • Install new “Screen Savers.”

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