How to Create and Delete Hulu Profiles

Hulu is an on-demand video service that permits its users to stream favorite TV shows in the U.S and Europe. If you wish to create or remove your Hulu profile, then read on.

These are the steps you need to follow to create Hulu Profile:

1.    You need to be logged in to your Hulu App on your TV or console.

2.    Now from the main screen, go to the right of the top menu. Press the little person icon. Under this menu, you wish to choose the “Profiles” option.

3.    You will now see the New Profile option. Press it

4.    We are on a new page named “Create a New Profile.” Now you have to write your profile name. Choose it. Once you choose it, you will have a keyboard. Key in the name you want to know by. For instance, I chose my gamer name- “Bobb.”

–    You also have an option on this page to set the account into Kids Mode. This mode provides the kid-suitable programming profile.

5.    You will have to submit your date of birth and gender in the next screen, and this is an optional question. When you are done with this section, go to the bottom and tap “Create Profile.”

6.    You will be asked a few more steps to personalize it. Follow the on-screen steps, and your profile will create.

These are steps you need to follow to delete a Hulu Profile:

1.    First, you will have to log in to your account on Now enter your information and press the Log in button, or you can also use your Facebook to log in.

2.    In case you have other accounts set up, then you’ll have to choose the profile you want to log in to.

3.    When you enter the main screen, go to the upper right and select your profile name. Now a menu will show and you have to press the “My Account” link. Hit it. Possibly you have to enter your passcode again before proceeding to the next screen.

4.    Now you enter on the Manage Your Account screen. You will have to press the Profiles option in the “Manage Your Account” section. You can manage your profiles now. Press on the edit pencil beside the profile you want to delete.

5.    Press the “Delete Profile” button at the lower part. You will have a confirmation screen to ensure you that you want to do this. Press the “RED” Delete button.

Once you click on it, your profile will delete. Hope we helped you with this article.