How to Copy URLs from the Open Tabs

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What will you do if you have to close your browser, but you don’t want to close all other tabs? It is entirely possible that your browser is getting cluttered for the main reason that many tabs are open. What will you do if you want to reclaim resources that are being used by your open tabs? What if you’re going to reboot your Windows?

If you need to close all the tabs urgently, then you just need to copy URL from opened tabs and put them safely in a file. You can also email them to yourself. Take help of these methods and save the tab URLs in Firefox, Vivaldi, Edge and Opera. Let’s get started.

In Vivaldi, Chrome and Opera

Same extensions can be used in these three web browsing programs for copying URLs from all of the open tabs.

Tap TabCopy button on toolbar and access TabCopy box. Copy URL for the chosen tab. Copy the URL for all tabs in the present window. You can also copy URLs in 3 different formats with the help of an extension.

  1. Expanded– Links are pasted and copied along with the title and the URL on segregated lines. You will see a blank line between each URL.
  2. Compact– Links will be copied with no extra spacing. Separated with a colon, each of the title and the URL are on the same line. You won’t be seeing any blank line between each URL.
  3. Link– It will copy URL as hyperlinks. Ensure that you paste these links to an app that accepts the hyperlinks such as the Word. Else you will get titles of links and no URLs. Copied URL can be pasted to programs such as Word or the Notepad. You also can email them to yourself.

Copy URLs Extension

It will provide you with many different ways. You can copy URLs for all the open tabs. Here’s is how this extension works:

  1. You can copy URLs only for web pages with this extension.
  2. Below Export tabs from, select All windows or the present one.
  3. Choose Format that you want to copy URLs into. If you’re going to set up your own custom format then also it is fine.
  4.  Choose settings to list the copied URL at the top of the dialogue box.
  5. So now that you have chosen settings, tap Copy to Clipboard. 

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