How to Copy and Paste Text by Using Keyboard Shortcuts on Mac

When we are doing some important work on Mac, then comes a need for cutting, copying, and pasting any item from one page to another. If you don’t want to write the same content again and again, then you should copy, cut and then go through the pasting method. This method is an essential feature for all the users of Mac and helps to move your content or any text from one sheet to another sheet to make your work easier.

On the previous page, if you have typed the same text, then by clicking on the right click, you can paste it on another section where you want to insert that text again. Below are the steps which will help you to cut, copy and paste any content on Mac.

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Steps for Copying and Pasting on Mac

Read the following steps to know how to copy and paste content on Mac. You can copy and paste any of the important content or text to another page easily by following these steps:

  • Long press the left button of your mouse when scrolling down your mouse with the text you like to copy it on another page. It will make you’re a new selection column with underlining the chosen text.
  • After choosing that selected part, Right press on your mouse or click on the Edit option to make use of the copy or cut feature. This will be the better way to choose keyboard shortcut instead of going through all the full steps:
  • Cmd key + X. This will help you to cut your selected text.
  • Cmd +C. It will copy your whole document to another.
  • After cutting or copying your document, you can paste it on another section by pressing the cmd key + V on your keyboard. This will automatically paste your whole document on that page.

Steps for Copying and Pasting a Photo on a Mac:

In case you choose a text by selecting it. All the hard content can also be duplicated by going through the same process.

By right pressing on the mouse and after that chooses Copy Photo option from the given option. You can see that photo on your desktop, and then you can paste it anywhere you like to.

Steps for Copying and Pasting Documents on Mac:

Copying documents for helping your files get secured and safe.

  • Choose two or more documents.
  • Select that entire document by clicking on the correct keyboard key. This will show up your entire file on your desktop.
  • Move to an exact location and then paste the full documents to that page.

.     Long press on the Options tab and move that document to another location, for copying that document faster. This will copy your entire text by itself, and you don’t need to do anything.

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