How to Control AMBER Alerts on iPhone

AMBER Alert is a simple backronym for America’s Missing: Broadcasting Emergency Response. But the alerts are at first considered for Amber Hagerman, a 9-year-old girl who once was abducted and then murdered in Texas, 17 years before. The alert system is also known as CAE, meaning “Child Abduction Emergency.”

AMBER and Government Alerts

The Amber Alerts tend to pop up on iPhones when police organizations determine that child abduction has occurred. These alerts contain the name and description of the child who has been abducted, a brief description of the suspected abductor, and some details about the suspect’s vehicle also if possible.

Thus, when the police consider that a child has been the victim of some sort of abduction, the Amber alerts are sent out. Until recently, those alerts have been disseminated through radio (satellite, terrestrial, and Internet) and broadcast & cable television.

Now, additionally, the alerts have been set to get delivered via email, digital billboards, electronic traffic signs, Facebook, and Google also. And since January 2013, the Amber Alerts are experienced being sent through the Wireless Emergency Alerts system, which is also known as the “Commercial Mobile Alert System;” It is actually something that allows for the dissemination of the emergency messages via cell phones.

The Commercial Mobile Alert System allows the government to issue three kinds of alerts: 1st Amber Alerts, 2nd alerts involving “imminent threats to the safety of life,” and 3rd the alerts issued by the President of the United States.

How to turn on or off AMBER Alerts on iPhone

Sometimes these alerts can be annoying for the individuals who are so much occupied in their own works and want to use their cell phone without any disturbance. In this case or any other, if you think you need to turn these Alerts off or turn these Alerts on if already off, follow the straightforward guidelines as mentioned below:

  1. Firstly, open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Click on the Notifications option and scroll little all the way down.
  3. Now, Under the Government Alerts section, you will need to toggle the AMBER Alerts or Government Alerts option on or off to disable or enable the alerts.

Important Note: disabling the AMBER Alerts or any of the other alerts can cost lives, including yours. In case, if you are encountering a natural disaster coming your way and you don’t have any idea about it, the Amber alerts can be a beneficial source for the circumstances to make the most number of people aware about the happening.

Hence, while you are able to turn the AMBER alerts off, you shouldn’t. Not unless there are some other ways for you to be reliably alerted about emergencies.

All the best! Thank you for reading this article.

Source: How to Control AMBER Alerts on iPhone