How to Change iMessage Text Bubble Color

iMessage is the application which is used by the owners to send the messages, images, videos, and also their current location to others. This is a popular personalized application which let the owners change the text color, different fonts, use images, and wallpapers. In case you wish to use this feature of iMessage, then you can do so by following the steps listed below.

Source – IMessage

Steps for changing iMessage color by using an additional application

  • Press on the “App Store” symbol on the iOS first screen. In any other program, click the “Home Button” to go back to the first screen after that place “App Store” symbol on the first screen.
  • Select the “Search” button located at the end. You will get the “Search” button in the “Magnifying Glass” symbol. This button is located differently in every versions, but in some versions of iPhone, you will get this option at the end of the display given on the “App Store” webpage. Check the version of your iPhone and then follow the steps which are supportable to your device.
  • Find the “Application” option which can make many text pictures. Those applications which you will get in the “App Store” will not adjust the color of the text in iMessage. It only suggests the pictures which are related to the word you had entered on them, and you can share that picture which is suggested to you by changing message fonts, typing styles, letters colors you wish to select. This option will also permit the user to paste the suggested picture into the letterbox.
  • You will get different application options which contain colorful text and changing the color of messages. This feature is the same, but the only difference you will get to know is message fonts, wallpapers, and colors of messages you wish to use on iMessage.
  • In case you do not get all the option on the screen, then enter “Color iMessage” option in the search box and after that, press the “Search” button. You will get a menu list of those apps which are originated to make “iMessage text box” in the selected style.
  • Choose an “Application from the menu list.
  • Click the “Install” button. Enter the registered email address and a protected password of Apple, in case you are not gone through the logging process.
  • Go to the “Application.” Choose the “Open” button after completing the installation process of application to search for the symbol on the menu page.
  • Create personalized messages. Go through the many options so that you can make a picture which you wish to.
  • In the option of “Color Your Messages,” some options will appear on the screen which is adjusting message style with wallpaper, words color or the wallpaper, and the last one is to adjust the writing fonts. In case you press any one option, then it will create a menu of design, message color, or typing font buttons come on the center of the display. Once you have chosen an option after that, write the message whatever you wish to share.
  • Share the picture by copying and pasting in the text box.
  • Once you complete writing the text with different colors after that press the “Send” option. You will receive the guidelines which indicate that the application placed the picture in the text box and suggesting you the step of sending that messages. Press the “Continue” button. The program gets transferred to the first screen and after that, goes to the “iMessage.” Search the contact whom you wish to send the text and long pressing on the text bar till the paste option will not appear on the screen. Press the “Paste” option and after that share that picture.

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