How to Block Specific Websites in Safari on iOS and Mac

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Safari is the supported web browser for the iOS and Mac users. This is a default web browser for all the Apple users. You will get a lot of security functions in this web browser and secure your all data like account password, bank details, and many other things. It also keeps your system away from outside threats.

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You can increase or decrease the security function by going to the Safari setting. This is the safest and fastest web browser. Here you can enter any link on its link bar and write the name of that image you want to get. This browser protects your system from many harmful websites, and if the site looks like it is harmful to use, then Safari automatically stops you from visiting this website.

You can stop your children from using these types of websites with the help of the Safari browser. This browser has a feature of blocking any of the sites.

Steps for Using Parental Control Setting in Safari:

  • Open the “Settings Application” given on the Home screen.
  • Press “General” option.
  • Click “Restrictions.”
  • Press “Enable Restrictions” option. In case you had already then this step in your phone then skips the other steps.
  • Enter a four-digit password which can be not guessable by your kids.
  • Write the “Password” to verify it.
  • Click “Websites” located in the “Allowed Content.”
  • Press “Limit Adult Content” option.

After following these steps, this will become easier for you to block all the websites which are harmful to your kids.

Steps for Using Parental Control Setting in Safari for iOS and iPad Version iOS 12:

Check that you had already set up the “Screen Time” option in the iOS 12 gadget before following the steps listed below.

  • Go to the “Settings” given in the home screen.
  • Click “Screen Time”
  • Press “Content and Privacy Restrictions” option.
  • Click “Content Restrictions.”
  • Press “Web Content.”
  • Click “Limit Adult Websites.”

Blocking a Particular Site in Safari on iOS and iPad

You can also block any site URL given on the link bar at the top of your phone screen. You can not only block the harmful websites but also can take control of the URL of those types of sites.

  • Start “Settings app” appears on the Home screen.
  • Press “General.”
  • Click “Restrictions.”
  • Press “Enable Restrictions.” In case you had already done, skip all the below steps.
  • Write four-digit password which is not guessed by anyone.
  • Enter the password to verifying that password you had entered.
  • Click “Websites” that comes in the “Allowed Content.”
  • Press “Limit Adult Content.”
  • Click “Add a Website” in the “Never Allow” section.
  • Write the particular site URL that you want to block for your kids.
  • Click “Done.

You can follow the same steps for all other harmful websites to block them for your kids.

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