How to Block Emails on Your iOS Device

If you block any email on Gmail or iCloud Mail, then after a while, it will move to your trash folder. You can block emails both in the Gmail or iCloud email address. You have to use a desktop website if you like to block emails. Through Gmail
•    Go to the Gmail application. 
The Gmail application looks like a cover with a cherry color and has an alphabet “M.” Press the Gmail symbol to go to the Gmail application given on the home screen.
•    Click on the email address you like to block. 
After clicking that email address, you will see a text option on your screen, displaying the sender email address given on the upper side on your desktop.
•    Press three dot icons over the sender email address. 
This icon will show you a menu list with multiple options. You will find this on the right column of the email text over the sender’s username located on the upper side of the webpage.
•    Click “Block Sender.” 
You will find this in the menu list. By doing so, it will block the sender and move that sender to the block page.

Through iCloud Mail
•    Open the official site of iCloud in your default browser which is Safari. 
As you all know default browser in the iOS device is Safari browser. The icon of the application is blue. You will find this application in the dock folder at the end of the screen.
•    Click “Share” icon. 
This is the icon of rectangular shape having an arrow going in an upwards direction. This is located on the right column of the Safari browser. You will get a Share menu list on your screen.
•    Press “Request Desktop Site” option. 
This is a menu list at the end in the share menu page. Slide to the left side to see the list of options. This option is under an icon which looks like a system screen. It will show the site that will comes on the system.
•    In case you are not signed up already, then types the Apple email address first and after that the protected password before moving to the next step.
•    Go to the “Settings” app. 
You will get this app on the left side of the webpage. This will show a menu on your screen.
•    Press “Rules.” 
This is located in the menu list. It will open a Rules option screen.
•    Click “Add a Rule.” 
This option is of azure color given on the right column of the desktop.
In case you don’t get this option on your screen, ensure that you are open a Rules option on the right side of the desktop.
•    Type an email ID Write the email ID that you like to block on the given section.
In case the heading shows a different option, press the heading and after that, click “is from” option located on the pull-down menu list.
•    Click the Then option given on the pull-down box. 
This is located at the end of the menu list. A list of pull-down menu appears on your screen.
•    Press “Move to Trash and Mark as Read” option. 
You will find this option in the pull-down menu list.
•    Click “Done” button. 
It is located at the end of the menu list. It will make the rule, which allows transferring emails from the blocked email ID to the Trash folder when such emails get received.