How to Adjust Brightness in Windows 10

When you work on your laptop or computer your eyes start to hurt because of the brightness of your system, you may want to change the setting of its brightness.

In Windows 10 you can change the brightness by going to its settings page, you can slide its brightness on the right side if you want to get high brightness in your screen or you can push it to the left side if you want to get a low brightness screen.

When your room’s light is off, and you don’t want to work on your system in high brightness, then you can change it accordingly. This brightness arrow is azure in colour. You find this feature to be a very flexible one because you can adjust it according to your likes.

Adjusting Screen Brightness on Windows 10

If you want to change the screen brightness in Windows 10 on the system, then follow the given steps. You can do this by going to its setting page.

•    Choose “Notifications” symbol given in the right side of the display on the Windows 10 system to go to the “Action Center.”
•    When you open “Action Center” option, you will find a rectangle box having a symbol of the sun. This option helps you to be low or high the brightness in Windows 10 on your system. You can set your brightness by according to the percentage. The highest brightness will be hundred, and the lowest will be zero. In case you had completed the setup of the screen brightness then leave it as it is.
•    Right-clicking “Brightness” tab locates in the “Action Center” option. An option will appear on the screen which is “Go to Settings.”
•    Choose “Go to Settings” option by pressing the mouse on the left.
•    When you choose “go to Settings” option, then the option of screen brightness gets open on your screen. You will find a flat bar having a line on it. This bar will show your screen brightness. Move that line to the left or right side given on the bar to change the screen brightness setting according to you.

Setting up the Windows 10 Night Light Settings

You will get Night Light feature in Windows 10 to use it on your stem. The feature in Windows 10 helps you to low the blue color brightness of your system. If you decrease the blue light, then it starts to highlight the orange color on your screen.This blue brightness feature will help you to not sleeping at night. You can change this setting any time according to your comfort. Here’s how:

•    Choose “Night light” button to turn on it.
•    Choose “Night Light settings” given in the above option.
•    You will find a “Turn on now” option. Choose that option, and it will take twenty-four hour to change that setting.
•    Under the option, you will see a colored temperature. Swipe that line on the right or left side to choose the carroty and azure color level according to your in the display.
•    Turn on “Schedule night light” to enable blue brightness feature, and you can disable it any time you want.