How to Add Music in iOS Devices Without iTunes

The most challenging thing in the iOS device is to upload songs in it. In case you wish to listen to the songs which are already stored in your iOS device without iTunes then you can do so by following the giving steps. As the default browser of iOS also doesn’t permit users to download any music from it.

Through Dropbox

  • Log in for an account in Dropbox. You can store the music’s to Dropbox and after that, listen that music’s by using Dropbox application on the iOS device. You can store two gigabytes only into the account of Dropbox. In case you wish to add more songs, then you can purchase more space.
  • Download the “Dropbox Client” on the system. It will place a Dropbox file into the home display. Everything on this file will be added to the account of Dropbox.
  • Select the music’s you like to place to the iOS device in the Dropbox file. Go to the Dropbox file by tapping the Dropbox symbol in the computer menu list and after that pressing the file option. You can only add audio format in Dropbox account.
  • Let the song to upload. It will take only a few minutes in case you are uploading many music folders, and the uploading speed will be according to the system speed. Checking the upload files into the Dropbox menu list on the computer.
  • Install the Dropbox application on the iOS device. You can install Dropbox application by going to the App store page. Log in to the account of Dropbox after installing it on your system.
  • Press the music that you like to play. Dropbox can play any music which you had uploaded on account of Dropbox when you are connected to the Internet.
  • Bookmark your favorite music to listen to them with the Internet. Dropbox plays that music which is available with your Internet connectivity. You can bookmark the favorite music to listen to them with using the Internet.
  • Move the music from left side to right side to keep that music on your device.
  • Press the “Star” icon to upload the music on the iOS device.

Through Google Play Music

  • Log in for an account in Google. In case you have an account on Gmail or YouTube, then you don’t have to create a new account on Google. All the account on Google permits you to add fifty thousand music’s to the account of “Google Play Music.” You can play this music’s from any place through Google Play Music application on the iOS device.
  • Open the link for logging in the Google Play Music.
  • Logging in for a “Google Play Music” which provide you with the same space to upload many musics and unlimited music you can play from Google Play Music library.
  • Downloading and installing the “Google Music Manager” program for the system. It is the simplest way to add many songs to Google Play Music application. Downloading the “Google Music Manager” from this page.
  • Login in the “Google Play Music Manager” page. Once you complete the installation of the Google Play Music Manager, a page will open to enter your account details of Google there. After signing in, choose “Upload songs to Google Play” option.
  • Choose the place where you like to keep these folders.
  • Choose in case you like “Google Music “to save your favorite music automatically. The manager will check the songs folder and add new music’s automatically in the folder.
  • Let the music to complete the upload process.
  • Install the “Google Play Music” application on the iOS device. You can install this application by opening the App Store page, Log in with the account of Google after completing the installation process.
  • Play the music through the “Google Play Music” application.
  • Install music to the iOS device to listen without the Internet.