How to Add Android Device and Kindle Fire to Google Play

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Once the user adds an Android Device or Kindle Fire Tablet to Google Play Store, it means they can visit their installed applications, TV shows, songs, books and all the purchases done on their new gadget. The user can easily go through the process of adding Android devices by logging in with their registered Google Account. In case the user has “Amazon Fire Tablet,” then they can take help from other systems to download the “Google Play Store” and visit the entire applications of Android.

Steps to add an Android Device to Google Play

•    Press the “Settings” application on another device. In case the user has already an account on Google, then they can use the registered ID by entering it to the given section which is the email ID and a protected password.

•    Press the “Accounts” option. It is an option which will show all the list of email addresses of Google account which is linked with this Android gadget.

•    Click “Add Account” button. It will open a page where you can add many Google accounts by entering the email ID and password.

•    Click the “Google” page. It is a page which permits the user to enter a Google account email ID and password to their Android device.

•    Log in with the registered account on Google. Type all the required details to log in into the Google account that the user like to connect with their Android device. The user can use the registered Email ID of Google for many Android gadgets.

•    Go to the “Google Play Store” page. In case the user is using many Google account on one device, then the user will receive an option to choose only one account whichever they wish to.

•    Press the “Three lines” icon given in the left-hand column. It will show a “Google Play Store” page and the email ID of Google which is your active account located in the left-hand column.

•    Confirm that the account you had entered is active. The user should check that account which is added on their device located in the left-hand column of the “Settings” app.

•    Access the purchased application on “Google Play Purchases.” The users can view all the application purchases made through their Google account by pressing “My apps and games” located into the “Settings” page.

Steps to add a Kindle Fire Tablet to Google Play

•    Collect the tools. The user should have Universal Serial Bus cable and a system which has a Windows already installed instead of downloading the “Google Play” on their “Kindle Fire Tablet.”

•    Click the “Settings application” given on the Kindle Fire Tablet. After clicking this application, “Kindle Settings” page will get open on the tablet screen.

•    Press the “Device options” page.

•    In case you had not to go through this step already, then press the “Identification Number” sevenfold to disclose an invisible “Developer Options.”

•    Press the “Developer Options.”

•    Switch the “Android Debug Bridge” to enable it.

•    Pair the Kindle to the system by using a Universal Serial Bus.

•    Download the “Google” Universal Serial Bus flash drive yourself, in case it is compulsory.

•    Install the “Commands” which are used to download the “Google Play.”

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