Fortnite: Where to locate and Pop 10 Golden Balloons

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With the Season 7 week, 9 of Fortnite on the run Players are required to accomplish various new daily tasks and challenges in order to obtain new Battle Star and character skins.

Source – Fortnite

This time Fortnite has included a new challenging event for the fans to complete. In this new challenge event for week 9, players are required to burst 10 Golden Balloons situated at different locations on the map.

This new event is indeed a first come first win challenge as the number of Golden Balloons in the game are limited, and once burst they are gone for that match. Gamers have to be really quick in locating these balloons as the number of balloons is quite limited in the game.

 Although there are about twenty plus Golden Balloons spread across the Fortnite map, still it turns out to be a race against the other in-game players as once any player pops the balloon by shooting at it or hitting it with the pickaxe, then it is gone for the entirety of that match.

Due to such mechanics, gamers may require multiple trials to accomplish this challenge. Regardless of the time and effort needed to achieve this challenge, players can refer to the list of locations where it is easiest to spot the Golden Balloon.

  • East from the Wailing Woods
  • South-East from the Retail Row.
  • At the Haunted Hills.
  • North of the Wailing Woods.
  • At the Frosty Flights.
  • Near the Tomato Temple.
  • Alongside the Fatal Fields.
  • East side of Paradise Palms.
  • South-West from the Lucky Landing.
  • At the middle of the Dusty Divot.
  • Near the Salty Springs.

Considerably the locations as mentioned earlier are the best bet for players to locate the Golden Balloons. Still, there are a number of other un-named locations where gamers can also spot these balloons.

This event can prove to be quite challenging to complete for some players, as various pro players of Fortnite will also be participating in this event. Keep a constant lookout for any possible enemies camping around the area as others can use these balloons as bait to hunt down other players.

Those who complete this weeks challenge event will get the opportunity of receiving a remarkable prize. It is confirmed that players who complete 60 weekly challenges will receive a Prisoner Snowfall Skin.

It is also speculated amongst the community members and fans that this Prisoner Snowman Skin would be related to the upcoming season 8 theme, well only time will tell how this skin relates to the next season.

But it makes players much more dedicated to accomplishing the assigned tasks, in hopes of receiving this new skin.

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