Fortnite: Trios Limited Time Mode To Be Reintroduced By Epic Games

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Fortnite players have previously enjoyed the Trios limited time mode which allowed three players or friends to play along in a team of three.


 As the game only provides an option for single player, duo or a squad to take part in a match, this Trios brings fresh air to the game allowing players to indulge in the game with two other friends.

Trios has been introduced as a limited time mode which accurately states that Trios can be removed at any time and players can enjoy this mode for a limited period only.

Trios Limited Time Mode is exactly similar to the standard game mode with only one difference, i.e., in the number of team members.

The standard mode allows players to access the Fortnite game in solo, duo or squad, but with the Trios LTM players can enter the match in a group of three, which is quite helpful for a pact of three friends who may not be interested in including a random online player to their pact.

Fortnite officially posted a tweet announcing the reintroduction of the gone Trios Limited Time Mode due to the high demand of community members and fans.

This team-up of three was first introduced on January 31st and then disabled due to the Team Rumble which introduced hugely successful DJ Marshmello concert to the game, which indeed broke the past concurrent player record for Fortnite.

Also, NFL Rumble was also included on Sunday to accompany the ongoing Super Bowl. Still, due to huge demand made by the community members and fans for the Trios, Epic Games made a pleasing decision to reintroduce it for all the Fortnite lovers.

Fortnite replaced the Team Rumble with the Trios LTM as Marshmello craze was already depleting and fans were in demand of the Trios mode, so it was optimal to reintroduce this awesome mode for the gamers to re-experience the trios.

It is still unclear of how long this new LTM is going to be available for Fortnite players, but again it is expected to be quite indulging as it is what players demanded after the Marshmello concert and the Football events.

With the upcoming new Bottle Rockets, it is yet to be seen what different content Fortnite is planning for its fans, as players are quite excited and thrilled after the DJ Marshmello concert.

 Hopefully, Epic Games is developing new in-game dynamics for its upcoming Season 8 as it is expected that an Earthquake will shake the entire map of the Fortnite and introduce new game modes and content for gamers to enjoy.

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