Fortnite: Glider Redeploy Feature to be revived in v7.20 update

Fortnite is reviving the previously in-game redeployment of a glider.

Fortnite is all set to reintroduce their previously removed feature to redeploy the glider in the game. This gone feature had received both backlash and support for it.

The fundamental phenomenon of this feature is that a player who is at a certain height can redeploy his glider to land safely back to the ground. With this massive advantage, players previously were able to evade any attacks on their structures and get back safely to the ground.

Source: Fortnite

Epic Games informed the Fortnite community about this upcoming feature on their Twitter account claiming that they would bring back the long gone Redeploy glider in the forthcoming v7.20 update.

But this revised re-addition of redeployment of the glider is back with a new condition of accruing a slot in carryable items. Which means players can only access this feature if they find this item in the chest or loot it from there enemy.

This feature provides a significant advantage to the players who create massive defensive structures in order to evade any close combat.

Previously it was quite easy to eliminate any such players who created long rams to reach to massive heights to avail a clear view of surrounding enemies, by just demolishing their structures.

But with the redeploy able glider it is very convenient for the players to evade any such attacks as they can deploy their gliders to land safely back to the ground and chase back at the attacking enemy.

It is certain that including this feature back to the game will defiantly create new in-game interactions and Epic Games has made sure this time that no such unfair advantage is available to any player.

It is going to become a game of catch and chase as enemies can still shoot at players while he is using a glider. Players using glider would not be able to use any other item like guns or heal as they would already be equipped with the glider.

It also restricts players to carry any additional gun as redeploy able glider would consume one item slot, which would create a dilemma for players to chose limited resources at a time.

It will be quite intersecting to observe this additional feature included in upcoming v7.20 update, as it would provide whole new dynamics to the game.

Also with the upcoming Scoped Revolver and Suppressed Sniper rifle, it would provide entirely new dynamics to the game and will facilitate players with new in-game experience.

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