Captain America in Falcon & Winter Soldier TV Show Set Images

The new set images of The Falcon and The Winter uncover future Captain America in the TV show. It is Wyatt Russell playing the role of Marvel’s John Walker, aka the US. Agent who has portrayed as Captain America occasionally in Marvel Universe. Now a new actor Wyatt Russell is recruited to be portrayed as US Agent in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. The TV show will be available on Disney’s new streaming service known as Disney+. Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan are portrayed as Falcon and The Winter Soldier in the upcoming TV series.

Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War..L to R: Winter Soldier/Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) and Sam Wilson/Falcon (Anthony Mackie)..Photo Credit: Film Frame..© Marvel 2016

Other actors from Captain America: Civil War is also returning to the casting team, including Emily VanCamp as Sharon Carter and Daniel Bruhl as Baron Zemo. It was already confirmed in the last year’s D23 Expo that the TV show would also feature the Marvel’s John Walker as U.S Agent. However, when we talk about MCU, then we all already know who is going to be the next Captain America, as Explained in the ending of the Endgame that it is Sam Wilson.

For a short time, John Walker accepted the mantle of Captain America before he becomes Captain America. In the MCU Captain America in an old age handing his Shield to Sam Wilson is proof that Sam Wilson is the next Captain America in the MCU. According to the reports, the US government will give Sam Wilson a push to be the next Captain America, and it seems true in the new set images of the TV series.

A news website Page Six recently posted some set images of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier introducing the iconic star Russell as John Walker. In the first images, Russell is wearing a formal military dress; then, in another photo, he is portrayed in the redesigned costume of Captain America. Along with Captain’s uniform, he has also wielded Captain America’s Vibranium shield. Although the TV show has begun its production for a couple of months, it is the first appearance of Russell as John Walker in the set photos of the TV show.

The new set images uncovering New Captain’s look seem to support initial news about the U.S. government don’t wish Falcon to be the next Captain America in MCU, and would as a replacement for John Walker for the TV show. What is now unrevealed is that how the US government obtain Captain’s shield or if the government developed its Vibranium shield for their new Captain America. Possibly Wilson handed it over cheerfully, as he may be finding it hard to acquire the mantle of his best buddy, or might be the US federal captured it from Sam’s authority against his will. Sam might be restricted by the government to become the new Captain America since he dishonored the US government by going against the Sokovia Accords shown in Captain America: Civil War film. It can also be another storyline chosen from the comics about the evil Captain America storyline. The set images of the new Captain America of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier also triggers many other possibilities of the different storyline of the Disney+ show.

But, It is expected The Falcon and the Winter Soldier provide a long storyline of the origin of Sam Wilson same as Captain America’s movie describes him. Later or sooner, it is now vital for Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson to adopt the mantle of his new C America, and it could be portrayed in the conclusion of the first season of the series. As well It can be a bit weird for Wilson to instantly represent as the next Captain America without facing any issues and struggles. We should also remember that Steve Rogers also passes from many temptations before finally becoming Captain America, whether it be his tough army training as a weak soldier or the painful experiment that grant him superhuman stats. It could be indeed possible that the first six episodes may be planned by Malcolm Spellman to explain how Sam struggles to be the new Captain America. So even if the set images present Russell as John Walker or the next Captain America in the beginning, we all know that Steve originally wanted Sam to become a new Captain. And Marvel Studios sooner or later will prove their commitment as true in the show.

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