Best Tips for Using Apple Watch

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Most of the people love getting gadgets as gifts. These days people are exchanging a lot of Apple products as gifts. Did you recently get one too? Is it a new Apple Watch? Want to know about some of the best tips to handle it?

Best Tips for Using Apple Watch
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If you want to know the best way to use your Apple Watch, then go through this blog carefully.

Top 4 tips Apple Watch users

1.    Double Press The Side Switch
  • Whenever you get an incoming call on iPhone, it shall get connected to your Apple Watch directly. This feature is impressive as it offers to answer the call from the wrist itself.
  •  If you don’t want to answer the call, then don’t need to use your iPhone and don’t even need to hit on the red X Dismiss key on the Watch.
  •  Note that you need to do double touch on the side switch to transfer the call to the voice mail, in the similar method you can double press the sleep/wake on your iPhone to reject a call.
2.    To Return Back Use Digital Crown
  • By using ‘Digital Crown,’ you can return to the last used application on the Apple Watch.

In simple terms, it will not be wrong to say that Digital Crown is a back button.

3.    Unlock Apple Watch With iPhone

  • It is very annoying to unlock the Apple Watch with a password because it is small in structure. So a lot of complications are faced while putting the password to open it.
  • Thankfully, if you have the watch in your wrist and even have iPhone with you then can easily unlock the Apple Watch. So putting a password with the iPhone on Apple Watch will not keep irritating you for placing the password again and again.
  • Sadly, whenever your Apple Watch is not in your wrist, at that point need to keep putting the password again and again.
  •  The pairing of both the device is a lovely feature because till the time pairing will be there, your Apple Watch will be unlocked as well.
4.    Switch Off The Screen

You need to press the side switches to get different options like locking your Apple Watch or keeping it into Power Reserve. Power Reserve allows the Apple Watch charged up for more time.

  • If you want to switch off the display, then you just have to press above the screen of the Apple Watch. This will close the display completely.

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