Best New Features in WatchOS 5

WatchOS 5 has been made better than ever before with some new and exciting features to keep you connected, active, and healthy. In this article, we are going to talk about some of the best and newest features of Apple watchOS which have recently been added to it. Let’s get started!

Interactive Notifications

A vast improvement has been seen with Notifications in watchOS 5. Instead of just receiving notifications, it is time to check in for your flight or prompt, alerting you that an Uber ride is over; you’ll be able to respond within the notification. For instance, you can quickly check into your flight status, or rate your Uber driver, or adjust your table reservation to even more people without having to need of opening a separate app.

A group of notifications has also been smartly combined together, just as they may appear on iPhone and iPad with iOS 12. Also, you can tap on a web link and check it on your watch. Entirely browsing of websites may not be possible but you’ll surely be able to see the link sent to you without having to need your iPhone. Moreover, you’ll also be able to plan or schedule “Do Not Disturb” by setting it for a definite amount of time, or until your current location is left.

New Walkie-talkie Feature

Most of us are aware of the joke that says – a couple who are sitting at the same place but using an in-game chat to talk to each other. Well, the new walkie-talkie feature in watchOS is not like that. It’s the opposite. The Walkie-talkie app suggests contacts you frequently call, text or email, after which users are likely to be in need of sending a one-time request to a contact inviting people to join. If they accept, you can then start talking to that person whenever you like.

Where, some days before, we have checked by visiting friends and family and shouting across the rooms and all of the floors to try to see where they were; now we just pressed the walkie-talkie button and directly asked. Believe me, it’s fast, it’s clean, and it’s “Face Time” Audio-level encrypted, so it’s also confidential. The walkie-talkie feature has really been improved a lot.

More Improved “Siri Face”

Siri Face isn’t something new to Apple Watch, but some of the new features have come to it with watchOS 5. Third party apps have now started to being supported and the Siri Shortcuts, a fantastic feature has been introduced with iOS 12 which are also available on Apple Watch.

Siri Shortcuts will observe the predictive shortcuts appear on the Apple Watch derived from your usual schedule. For example, you might get notified by “Nike+” Run Club asking if you’re having a run today, or “Citymapper” proposing if you want it to navigate to home. Moreover, you won’t have to say “Hey Siri” again and again. Either with the WatchOS 5 update. In its place, you’ll just need to raise your wrist and ask your question, and Siri will help you with it the best suggestions.

New Podcasts

Now the Podcasts can be added to Apple Watch in watchOS 5; Podcasts automatically syncs across your devices, allowing you to hoist where you left off on a different iOS device. Here, you will also be able to use Siri in order to search for and stream any show available on your Apple Podcasts. In the matter of audio, some of the third-party apps are also being supported for background audio as well. So you’ll be able to add audiobooks too.

Thank you for reading this blog! We hope that the information as mentioned above is going to get you more aware of the Apple watchOS 5 and its new hot features.

Source: ITSupportsm