As technology is advancing gradually, the debate to opposition to the advancement is also increasing. The same thing is going on with Eye Tracking Laptops even as currently, there are very few hardware and software present in the market.

Even though there is a limitation in this technology, the gaming community is excited and currently using this technology to the maximum possible extent. This technology is increasing the comfort level of the players, and it is beneficial to those gamers who use the headsets to target the direction and extra visual in that direction.

Eye Tracking Laptops

It allows players to change the direction without touching any of the hardware. This technology is also useful in the security feature.

Now, you can have laptops that have the eye-tracking software already in it. The range and options increase when we consider laptops that can support this technology. Here is the ranking of those laptops. The ranking is done based on the performance and looks of the laptop.

1. Alienware 17 R4

The first notebook laptop of the world, manufactured with the capabilities of the Eye-Tracking technology. This laptop uses the eye-tracking software and hardware of the Tobii, which come integrated with the laptop. It can anticipate the intentions and presence of the user.

Alienware is the first manufacturers that recognized the potential and needs of the gaming community.

This model of the laptop captures the full access of the eye-tracking, which directly improves the experience of the games.

Along with the Eye-tracking technology, this laptop offers users more features such as:

  • Waking up on Gaze
  • Auto-Dim/Awake Screen
  • Gazing Keyboard Lights
  • Automatic Lock Screen

This laptop provides high processing speed and with the 17inch screen and high pixel density. Due to the technical hardware, the weight is a bit higher than the usual gaming laptops (total weight:9.5 pounds).

2. Acer Aspire V 17 Nitro Black Edition

Acer is a member of the gaming laptop market for an extended period, which made it an experienced manufacturer. This experience can be seen in this model, and for this model, you can use the superlatives when it comes to looks and technology.

You can’t put this laptop only on the section for the gamer, and it can be used by professional designers and developers too.

This laptop contains the Tobii Eye-Tracking software, which controls the front camera of the laptop and sophisticated look for the professional users.

At the very start, you have to set the adjust the camera by moving the cursor alongside with your vision. After customizing the Eye-Tracking, you can access this feature over 45 games.

This 17-inched laptop contains many other features such as extra 2 USB ports of type 2.0, an SD Card Slot. This model uses the i7 processor, 512 SSD, 1 TB HDD, and 16 GB RAM. With this combination, you can have excellent performance.

3. MSI GT72S G Tobii

This notebook offers users the high processor speed powered by i7 and outstanding gaming experience with the highly capable graphic card. When this hardware combines with the integrated software of Tobii eye-tracking, then you can have the blistering gaming experience.

This device is created with the collaboration between Tobii and MSI, as it can be seen in the name. It has a sleek design and a colorful display and very user-friendly entertaining features.

When you see the hardware design, then you can see the curved edges, and traditional boxy design, then you can get the feeling of why it is on the list of gaming sections.

4. Acer Predator 21 X

This laptop is a wildest and monstrous gaming laptop ever created, based on design. Every aspect of this device is on top of the chart. It is a massive and chunky device whose price matches the price. If you are a player of the Die Hard, Albeit flush of Cash, then this laptop is going to make you fall in love with it. It contains a quad-core Processor, high RAM, ability to expand the storage.

It is the fastest notebook in the whole market, but the only concerning factor this laptop has is Tobii Eye X (Eye Tracking) Software, which is an excellent software but not the best one. To set the eye-tracking software, you have to move your cursor along with the point where you are focusing. After this action, you can activate the software on the 21-inched screen. In this laptop, you can also use the mouse as on other laptops too. Designers gave the mouse pad for the users so that they can have on the standard laptops.

This laptop settles for the $9,000 due to the fact potential buyers keep waiting to make themselves an owner of this laptop.

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