Best Altitude Altimeter iOS Apps to Measure the Elevation

Altimeter application can be useful for a number of reasons like to recognize the level of altitude with respect to the sea level. The details of altitude measurement are generally beneficial for farmers to start the gravity-fed irrigation system. Adventurers use these apps for having fun. But it is to be noted here that the accuracy in measurement by smartphone apps is not as proper as professional barometric altimeters. The iOS devices of older version could depend only on the GPS for calculating the altitude level. GPS technology is depended on the triangulation method that can measure the accurate location anywhere in the entire globe with the help of navigational satellites.

From the launching of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, altitude begins to be computed by using the readings of atmospheric pressure noted on the inbuilt sensor in iPhone. In the case of iPhone 7, this barometric sensor is situated on the back of the left side speaker. There is the barometric vent to function the sensor properly. The use of equipped sensor is having its upper edge than that of GPS due to its efficient power.

There are some of the best iOS applications listed below for measuring the altitude:

1. Travel Altimeter Lite Application

It has an elegant user interface which joins the form with the functionality. On top of the customized background display, the three factors namely altitude, latitude, longitude are shown jointly. This app offers the shortcut for inbuilt flashlight features and the option of share to others. You can remove the ads and can have the spectacular featured tools by switching to Pro variant.

2. My Altitude Application

It is useful as it can perform with the offline mode also. It is combined with functionality and elegance appearance. It can compute the elevation in two methods. Firstly, it employs the sensor equipped with the iOS device, and this is by default functionality. Secondly, you can load the database directly from the NOAA (National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration) in case of offline purpose. Here, you can snap an image of your current location and keep it in the bar of the photo album. After that, your image will be linked with that same coordinate position by default.

3. Barometer & Altimeter for iPhone/iPad Application This app was developed to reproduce the appearance and touch the experience of analogue pressure altimeter and pressure gauge like a barometer. It does perform solely with the latest iOS devices attached to the altitude sensor. It free variant brings essential functionalities like an exciting timeline, interactive graphical representation, trendy visualization and many more. This app is automatically updated with the new features. But its Pro variant uploads some featured tools like scaling on the barometer, fishing altimeter, exporting data capacity in CSV file format.

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