A New Tabletop Game of Batman has Announced

The gaming world’s perseverance of mesmerizing gamers is not a new thing to discuss but a whole new Batman game of Tabletop is something that we liked to discuss. The news has been confirmed and is officially announced by IDW games alongside the official holder of the Batman franchise. The game will arrive at the end of 2020 and a kickstart campaign has been arranged to promote and enlighten it.


The popular iconic superhero of DC comic; Batman has almost been 30 years old and still, it persists to acquire new fans. This stunning acquisition of Batman is due to its mesmerizing legacy that has been surrounding several comicsanimated seriesmovies, and games. We can proudly say the fact that Batman is a popular brand that will be sell-out even after 100 years, a special thanks to Stanley for crafting it.

The brand value of Batman can be expected by the fact that every year there are almost 7080 business ideas get rejected by the loyalty holders of it. However, an idea of a Tabletop game has been accepted and yet a proclamation of the game has arrived. The game is under development of IDW games and will know as The Animated Series Adventures — Shadow of the Bat.

The game objective grants maximum four and minimum one to live a virtual life of Batman through it. The game is expected to arrive during the fall of 2020 however a promotional campaign will be arrived on 18th February to unveil the aspects of the game more thoroughly. Although we have some information regarding game objective; it contains 24 quests for the gamers to complete and all of them are merely based on the episodes of popular animated series.

Instead of Batman, gamers can also go with the option of RobinBatgirlCommissioner Gordon, and Catwoman. Besides, the antagonist’s lineup includes popular names such as The JokerHarley Quinn, Mr. Freeze, The Penguin, The RiddlerScarecrow, and Two-Face. All the characters from both the lineups are comprised of specific abilities.

The objective of the game lies in the category of Miniatures-driven board game alongside AUGS. The term AUGS signifies Adventures Universal Game System which grants the gamers to get sync with other players of AUGS. This feature will take the game to another extent of advancement. The promising thing about Shadow of the Bat is that it includes all the significant characters of the world.

This is happening for the first time that all these characters arrive together in one project. The game will also include an expansion of Arkham Asylum which consists of 13 missions. Additionally, the expansion also contains Clayface mode in which gamers will get a card to confirm the existence of a specific hero alongside disguise. More likely, there will be several more inclusions in the story lineup via characters from Mystery of the Batwoman and Mask of the Phantom.

Although, there must be several more features available in Shadow of the Bat and we all need to wait until its kickstart campaign to know more about it. Besides, the game is filled with essential content alongside high-tech advanced specs.  From now, we can surely say that the game is a fascinating tribute to the Batman animated series  and the game will definitely obtain enormous acclamation after its release.

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