9 Best VPN for Windows 10 in 2020

The primary function of the VPN is to protect the privacy of online data while browsing the internet or whenever you go online. However, protecting privacy is not only important, but the speed also matters equally and it can’t be compromised. Although there are various ways to run speed tests speed is one of the hardest factors if we need to quantify. It is also important to understand that if you are getting the fastest speed in your locality then it does not mean that you will also get the same speed in another area.

VPN for Windows 10

Again, It is not necessarily important that if you have experienced the fastest speed of VPN for watching the streaming videos will also remain the fastest for playing the video games on your devices. However, there are still some VPNs which are considered the fastest in terms of speed and so here is the list of some of these VPNs:-

  • KeepSolid Unlimited

KeepSolid Unlimited VPN not only keeps your online information safe and browsing encrypted at the affordable price but also available at flexible subscriptions. The VPN delivers an excellent speed not only while gaming but also in downloading and uploading process.

  • PIA

One of the best and fastest VPN available for Windows 10, PIA stand for Private Internet Access does not keep the history of your searches when you go online and so protects your privacy. It also facilitates you to use shared IPs that protect you from the cybercriminals or other online thieves who are intended to target you by stealing your data. Private Internet Access provides strong quality along with high-quality performance and several apps with the features to set up the protocols on different platforms.

  • VyprVPN

The VPN has been built to deliver the fastest speed and highest level of security to more than 70 global server locations along with featuring more than 200 thousand IP addresses and more than 700 servers. The VPN provides unlimited and easy switching between the servers and the users can experience unrestricted experience without third party presence.

  • IPVanish VPN

The VPN is serving in 61 countries operating on more than 750 servers all across the world. The auto-select feature introduced in the VPN helps you to connect to the fastest server which is available in your location. The no-logs policy and 256-bit AES encryption of the VPN protect your data and maintaining your privacy while you go online.

  • TunnelBear

TunnelBear operating across 20 countries except for the Middle East, Turkey, Russia, and Africa is one of the most powerful VPN when it comes to providing security tools along with the fastest speed. The VPN is also excellent and performs on par with other VPNs too and sometimes surpasses its rivals especially when it comes to international connections.

  • Pure VPN

The exceptional and advanced features included in the VPN not only ensures complete and preventive security by creating encrypted networks but also restricts online threats such as viruses and malware along with filtering unwanted content and blocking annoying ads.

  • Nord VPN

The VPN is operating over more than 2000 servers all across the world by providing the people security from phony websites and having multiple features which include ad-blocking and providing a

consistent robust service to the users. The VPN scores the highest speed while serving the domestic servers along with reducing the upload and download speeds.

  • Express VPN

The VPN has exceptional features that include 148 servers locations operating in 94 countries all across the globe which helps you to access any geo-restricted content. The in-built feature of speed Test in the Express VPN ensures the maximum performance by allowing you to test the speed of the server. Some other impressive features of the VPN include 256-bit encryption, VPN split tunneling, No log policy, and private, zero-knowledge encrypted DNS server.

  • CyberGhost

It considered the fastest VPN connection for Windows 10 which includes the optical fiber internet connections capable to provide high data speed. The speed performance of the VPN is not only impressive on the local front but also it is more decent on the international front.

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