3 Best Apps to Track Hurricane

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Most of the applications for tracking hurricanes can alarm you if the storm is moving towards your location. You can even look at the forecasting information concerning the time hurricane. In case you are in danger of hurricane, then you can use the tracker apps specifically for the hurricane. There are several options dealing with weather tracking applications which can be compatible with smartphone and tablet.

Here you can see the list of best hurricane tracking applications for your both Android and iOS devices:

1. Storm Radar

Storm Radar is a free-to-download app for viewing the exact movement of the hurricane. It is a very detailed application giving precise information about the forecast of the storm. It doesn’t only track the storm movement but also the temperature, cloud cover etc. It animates the map locations ranging from 2 hours past to the many hours in future for visualizing the forecast. In case you don’t own any phone then you can employ its Weather Channel online. With the use of this app, It is simple to look at the weather situations. But you have to face the number of ads here in this app.

2. The Hurricane by American Red Cross

It is a vital app that is helpful to identify the location of anyone placed in your contact list during a hurricane threat. It shows the shelter of Red Cross within the impact zone of the hurricane on the map. It doesn’t only provide you with the measures for preparedness about horrific storms but also give the details of impacts after the hurricane. It supports both languages English and Spanish. Its special thing is that the preparation information is accessible even in offline mode.

The demerit of this app is that in this app, you can’t see many overlays like rain or hurricane at a time. Sometimes, this application is loaded with slow speed. In this app, you can email, text, message to your contacts for explaining that you will be secure from the impact of the storm, generated over there.

3. My Hurricane Tracker

It is an easy method for tracking hurricanes with the simple user interface. This app alarms you every time for hurricane’s emergence. It recognizes the active threats of storms and allows you to look at the movement of hurricane ranging from initial to the destination point. You can hit on the icon of small hurricane placed on the map for obtaining more information. It also foreruns the position of storm how much time it will take to approach you. Its unique feature is that you can track those ancient hurricanes also which occurred in decades before. It displays the accurate coordinates on the real map along with the forecasted wind speed. It is compatible with the bandwidth of the lower range for loading satellite pictures of lower quality. My Hurricane Tracker app doesn’t display the size of the storm on the map. It doesn’t display the standard weather application information such as cloud covers and rainfall etc. My Hurricane Tracker app can run with both Android and iOS devices.

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