Supernatural Season 13 Ends with a Huge Eight Seasons in the Making Twist

By | May 18, 2018

The famous American fantasy horror TV series had been throwing hints regarding Jensen Ackles’ new character for quite some time. However, the show had been teasing the events of the May 17 season 13 finale since as long as season five. The patience has undoubtedly paid off.

The Supernatural Season 13 finale finally answered some anticipated questions and left the fans with an expected cliffhanger. Now, the protagonist brothers have a huge problem to face in the coming season. After several days of sheer speculation has finally been confirmed who the Jensen’s second Supernatural character would be. It will be no one but Michael.

In order to defeat the stronger than ever Lucifer, Dean Winchester and Michael formed a group which seems set to have perilous end results.

The intriguing episode started off with Dean discussing potential retirement while enjoying digging his toes in the sand on the beach. He knew that it was a pipe dream, but he was smiling as he reflected about Jack being the protector of the world.

Although, they appear to have forgotten an important thing that Jack is too young. The one-year-old jack is an idealist who is easily manipulated. Since he wishes to see the best in the world, when Lucifer tells him everything he hopes to hear, he falls hook, line, and sinker for it.

Even though Sam, Castiel, and Dean have become like fathers to Jack, at that very moment, they could not replace Jack’s birth father. Jack learns the hard way that family is not restricted to blood. Michael breaks into the bunker while Lucifer leads Jack astray. Jack destroys Michael and wrecks him. After that, Jack forces Lucifer to reveal the truth to him, and thereby he learns what Lucifer exactly is. Jack tells him that he is not his father and calls him a monster.

Considering how conniving and evil Lucifer is, his dark side crops up and reminds everyone why he is the devil. He slashes Jack’s neck and takes his grace. This makes Lucifer an inconceivable machine. He grabs Jack and takes him away to a church while Sam gets stuck in the crossfire.

Dean defeats Lucifer by using the Sword of Michael and by becoming his true vessel.  Michael thanks Dean for “the suit” and takes over Dean’s body to cause all kinds of destruction in the Main Universe.


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