Nintendo Switch Welcomes Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus

By | April 25, 2018

The action-adventure video game, Wolfenstien 2, is set to release on the Nintendo Switch on June 29. This announcement was made by the Wolfenstein publisher Bethesda Softworks, thereby setting the fans in a tizzy.

After gaining critical acclaim on other gaming platforms like PS4, PC, and Xbox One, the first-person shooting game makes it way to Nintendo Switch. The Switch port of Wolfenstein was declared at the same time as the other demonic first-person shooting game, Doom. Followers of Doom noticed that the port performed better than expected. However, Doom struggled to maintain the 720p high definition requirements and a couple of performance issues do crop up every now and then. Apart from these minor setbacks, everything else about Doom seems to be seamless and the same is expected for Wolfenstein 2 as well. This conjecture is based in the fact that Wolfenstein will run on the same engine as Doom. Despite the trade-offs, Bethesda games continue to woo the gamers and makes them marvel at how these games are being ported in spite of technical challenges. Ardent fans of the game will remember that the porting of Doom was carried out by Panic Button. Continuing this collaboration, the Wolfenstien will also be converted and made compatible by the Austin, Texas based company.

An official trailer of the Nazi-killing sequel to the popular game was released, acting as a teaser for those desperately waiting for the game.

Historically, Nintendo had censored the original Wolfenstein 3D in the 1990s since the games were too violent and not suitable for families. Those worried that the Switch will have the diluted version were assured that they would receive the entire, uncensored version of the award-winning game with its characteristic gameplay, as mentioned in a statement released by Bethesda. This comes as a positive sign as it indicates the growth of Nintendo from family-oriented gaming to mature, adult content.

Before you get all set to get your hands on the physical copy, you will have to free up some space on your device in case you wish to get playing immediately. In the box art of the Wolfenstein 2, it is mentioned that the game requires a download before it is available for playing. However, it is not mentioned how heavy the download may be and how much space it may occupy on your system. What it does say is that you may need a micro SD card for the storage.


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