Introducing Offline Support, Confidential Mode And Smart Inbox Features

By | April 27, 2018

As it was predicted, Gmail is rolling out its new feature and some major update such as private mode’ the ability to send self-destructing emails, and a few changes as well. It was earlier predicted that Gmail could make a few changes and come up with some of the updated features which let the user experience the best email service. Google has now finally rolled out the updated features and interface by announcing the changes on its official keyword blog. Here, we have described all the changes and updated that Gmail introduced.

Confidential Mode:– By giving them access to work in the private mode, it lets user prevent their email from being misused. With the recent update, Gmail will now allow users to send self-destructing emails which they could send with an expiration date. With it, the user will be able to revoke the messages which they have sent. Not only this but the user will now able to set an extra layer of security to their emails. They can link the emails with a pin or password functionality, so the recipient can only read the emails when they received the passcode on their smartphone.

Native Offline Support:- Native offline support is another utilitarian feature which is exclusively offered by none other than Gmail. With this feature, the user will now able to handle the work without having an internet connection. It means that if a user has not an internet connection on its device then they can continue to work on the Gmail’s web client but a limited proportion.

Smart Inbox Features:– Gmail users will now be able to avail the smart inbox features such as Nudging which reminds the user about the unread messages. The feature reminds the user to reply to such emails and follow up on them. Furthermore, this new smart feature has also arrived in the Gmail’s web client which allow the user to reply to an email in a jiffy by choosing the array of response.

Quick Action Tools:- With Gmail new features, it also brings a host of quick action tools that will let users accomplish a host of tasks such as archive, delete or snooze an email by just hovering the cursor over it, mark as read, etc. Moreover, the attachment files associated with an email will now be visible. This feature allows users to access the data without even opening the email.

These are not the only updates which Gmail is introducing, but it has a list of updates and changes which comes with its redesigned web interface. If you have any further queries and issues related to Gmail, then you connect with the Gmail Customer Support who works 24*7 for their valuable users.

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