How to Uninstall McAfee Internet Security from a Windows PC?

By | April 5, 2018

While McAfee Internet Security completes a superb activity of protecting your device from the dangers online threats of being created with the Internet, it is a constant program that can save your PC’s folders and make unwanted stoppages. Uninstalling it can be select – yet isn’t too difficult, once you follow some easy steps, you can erase the infected program from your Windows or Mac PC with a few of minutes.there are some easy certified steps mentioned below to remove your all viruses from your computer.

Procedure To Uninstall McAfee Internet Security From Your Computer

There is an easy process to resolve the Un-installation issue for the computer. Please follow the given instruction.

1- Sign into  McAfee account:-

If you want to use the product key for McAfee Internet Security on another PC after you uninstall it, you should be released the product key from your old PC. it can save your money and you no need to buy a new license for your other device use. Follow the below steps to log in your McAfee account:-

  • Visit the McAfee landing page at to sign into your account.
  • Now, you will get a button in the upper-right corner of the page that says “My Account.” press this button.
  • Sign in using the email address related to your McAfee user account. You got it when you create your new account.
  • In case if you don’t have any account on then, first you need to create a new account
  • Fill your all required details (email id and password).
  • Now press “Sign in” to get to your account.

2- Remove Your Activated McAfee License:-

The “My Account” page contains all the information about your McAfee Internet Security license including the form and license term and license expiry date also. Follow these below steps:-

  • Go to “My account”
  • Now, you get a list of registered computer to your account.
  • Select any one which you want to deactivate.
  • Now go to the “Detail” section of your computer.
  • Here you will find a “Deactivate”
  • A pop-up window will ask you for a confirmation that if you are sure to Deactivate this license for this computer.
  • If you want then click on “Deactivate” button
  • Once Deactivated, you can reuse the license on an alternate PC, or whether you are purchasing another one or simply wish to secure an alternate PC you officially hold.

3- Index Setting Or Control Panel:-

If you want to uninstall the McAfee antivirus security from your computer, then you need to go the menu setting section. Follow the given steps:-

  • Click the Start
  • Now go to Setting

For window 8

  • If You are using Window 8, then go to the upper right on your computer screen.
  • Now click on search Dialog box.
  • Now text the “Control Panel” on the dialog box.
  • Now you find the Control Panel option, click on it.

For window 7

  • If you are using the Window 7, then go directly on the start button.
  • Now click on the Control Panel
  • Now you are reaching on Control Panel
  • Now you find a program Uninstall
  • Click on it.
  • Now the software is Uninstalled from your device.

4- Navigate To Uninstall:-

  • The uninstall “Wizard” will give you the best process to Uninstall the McAfee antivirus security product from your device.
  • Now click on System>app & features
  • Now click on McAfee Internet Security and then select Uninstall, and follow the given instructions on the screen.
  • For window 8
  • Go>View by < and click Large Icons,
  • Now click on Programs and Features,
  • Now select McAfee Internet Security and then click on Uninstall
  • Now, follow the given instructions on the screen.
  • For window 7
  • Click on Programs > Programs & Features, then click on McAfee Internet Security.
  • Now follow the Uninstall instructions given on your computer screen.

Now you have completed all the given steps to Uninstall the McAfee internet antivirus security from your computer. If you have any trouble to Uninstall the McAfee antivirus software from your computer then, connect to McAfee customer support team.

Take Service For McAfee Product

McAfee is providing a customer helpline number to the McAfee products users. In using this product if you face any issue or find any trouble, so connect easily via McAfee toll-free number. The McAfee professionals will provide you all information regarding the McAfee products. So now no need to frustrated with your McAfee items if a certified team is available for you 24×7.

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