How to Reinstall Norton 360 on your Computer?

By | April 7, 2018

The Norton 360 is an antivirus which is used by Windows and other Microsoft compatible software. This Norton 360helps you in protecting your computer system from viruses, malware, and spyware. It also helps in scanning the documents, files, emails, and websites from any risks you might not be aware of it.Norton antivirus is available in many of the different version with enhanced features along the platform. If you are planning to upgrade your antivirus, then update it from Norton antivirus.

If your computer crashes and you need to reinstall your Norton software, you can download it from the Norton website. To reinstall, however, you need to obtain your product key. You can get this by signing on the Norton website and accessing your Norton account. The product key will adjust the period for your Norton software subscription to however much time is left on the subscription from the point you bought the software. If you already installed Norton antivirus in your system, then the question arises how to reinstall the Norton 360 from the computer system. Antivirus is essential software that every computer require. If you are installing some other software like Microsoft some errors occur and to remove those error you need to uninstall your antivirus temporarily but after that software installed you need to reinstall the antivirus which is very necessary for your system.and for reinstall the antivirus you always require a product key of your product.

How to Reinstall Norton 360 on your Computer?

As you already know how much the antivirus is essential for your system. Due to some errors sometimes you uninstall your antivirus to reinstall the antivirus some simple and best procedure has been given below. Follow the steps in ascending order to save your time and efforts.

Step-1 Open on a “Web browser” and type the address to access in your Norton account.

Step-2 Click on the “Sign In” from the top right of your screen,

Step-3 “Enter” your “Email address and Password” you used to sign up for your Norton account. Then, Click on the “Sign In” button.

Step-4 Make a note of the “Product key” for your Norton product listed under the option”Products

Step-5 “Download” the Norton software that you need to “Reinstall”.

Step-6 Click on the “Run” on any of the pop-up windows that appear on your screen. This will run the “Norton Download Manager” who downloaded the software that you are trying to reinstall.

Step-7 Double-click” on the downloaded file for “Run” the installation wizard.

Step-8 Install the “Norton” in your default location setting or click on the “Browse” button and then select the location where you want to install your Norton antivirus.

Step-9 Click on the “Next ” button.

Step-10 Click on the “User Agreement” and read through it. When finished

Step-11 Click on the “Close” button

Step-12 Then click “Agree and Install” Norton will start up.

Step-13 Click on the “Activate Now” in the bottom right corner of Norton Account, then “Enter” the product key you wrote down earlier and click on the”Next” button

Step-14 “Enter” the “Email Address” you used for your Norton account, then click “Next” and “Enter” your Norton account password. Click on the “Done” button when you are finished.

By following these steps correctly, Norton Antivirus reinstall quickly on your system without facing any error. But if you are still not able to reinstall the antivirus, then you have last and best option to connect with the Norton customer support. for instant query dial the toll-free number of Norton customer support for any immediate query.

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