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What does "Download of Robots.txt Failed" mean?

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asked Oct 12 in Computers & Internet by haripcexpert (3,330 points)

1 Answer

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When the result of a fetch reads “Download of Robots.txt Failed”, then Bingbot was not able get a proper server response when trying to access your site’s robots.txt. This usually means that your site’s server is configured to refuse Bingbot or the IP addresses from which Bingbot operates a proper connection or simply denies access to this URL. This is a problem, since Bingbot now cannot tell whether or not a robots.txt file actually exists nor read any directives in the robots.txt file should it exist. You should investigate (or ask your ISP to investigate) whether such a configuration is in place.

answered Oct 12 by admin (5,110 points)
selected Oct 12 by haripcexpert