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What are some car air conditioning maintenance tips?

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asked Oct 11 in Business & Finance by alangili257 (170 points)

1 Answer

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It is very necessary to keep your car’s air conditioning system healthy and functioning but, many of us fail just because we do not follow a few very common maintenance tips. Tips are obviously not about getting professional service to maintain car air conditioning, these are DIY tips –

•        In order to help maintain your car’s air conditioner do run the system even though for a few minutes once in a week. No matter, how cool it is outside, do run it so as its hoses, pumps and valves are lubricated all through the system.

•        As you take your car to the service center, remember to ask the mechanic to check the refrigerant level and if needed re-gas the system. In a standard log book service, maintenance of car air conditioning system is not included. You have to make additional request to the mechanic for the same.

•        If not half-yearly, get car air conditioning service at least once a year. Do not wait for hotter months to start. Get it done when it is snow-falling.

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answered Oct 11 by kismetmechanical9 (140 points)
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