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The Changes That Should be Focused

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Indian education system. We all know this covers everything from rocket science to moral science. Its just the matter of the facts that the approach towards the learning patterns and techniques that has to be enhanced and made easier. 

In today’s education, the contrary points arises is that the world today is growing with the technology and to stand in the competition, students in schools and coaching centers are made techno friendly so as to deal with the competition. Instead of only focusing on the techno friendly methods to studies, the old techniques should be brought in practice. No smart classes but the experienced example of teachers. No field trips but educational picnics. Not entertaining students to use internet for project but motivating them to interact with people and gain experience. Making them aware of the ground games, apart from sports activities like cricket and football they should be made familier to the games like sitolia and gilli danda. The biggest reason to incorporate these games is that they not only are a source of entertainment but unknowlingly they teach students to manage their time. Second biggest advantade is that team spirit is build within students with a great ease. 

We have all heard that 21st century kids are smarted and advanced with skills, instead a survey states that these kids are still in a shield of their guardians where they are taught what to think and what to react. The 90’s kids today are much more smarter because of the educational techniques they are provided with home tuition. They are techno friendly as well as smart. Kids today are taught what to think and what to react and the 90’s kids were taught how to think and how to react. There’s a huge difference and with this changing trend children today are made technologically strong but are not made friendlier with the things around them. They are not made to experienced with the things or the type of people they have to deal with in their regular go life.
Education system today should go hand in hand with technology and real life experiences.

Now when it comes the discussion about the subjects in higher studies where the have to choose subjects in 11th grade. There are students that opt for commerce with maths where they are taught with the same maths to that of science. Instead the mathematics in commerce subject should be familier to the subjects of commerce i.e., economic maths, business statistics etc. 

The small amendments can make a huge difference and can get the students to a very great level from where they can lead and not follow.

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