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How do I Fix Norton "An update error occurred" on Mac?

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Norton is a well-known brand in the digital market. It offers a range of security solutions to deal with the Trojan horses, phishing scams, online frauds, ransomware and other viruses. It is available for both Windows and Mac users. Norton comes with a number of security solutions in order to fulfill the needs of consumers and businesses. One can choose a Norton product as per their specific requirements. The best part of Norton security solutions is you don’t need to keep a check on its regular updates, scanning and other protection services.

It updates itself whenever an update is available, provided the internet connection is available. Similarly, it automatically scans your data and files for viruses. If found, Norton antivirus sends you a notification that “a threat has been detected, fix it now”. Take an immediate action and get it fixed before the virus harms your computer system.

Like the Windows, Norton offers a variety of security solutions for Mac users. These solutions offer complete protection for your iPhoto pictures, iTunes media, iMovie projects and other important data from malware, spyware and other virus attacks. Norton antivirus for Mac doesn’t affect the performance of your device. Norton antivirus also features vulnerability protection, daily protection updates, email and instant messaging monitoring, anti-phishing technology, location awareness, confidential file guard, Mac application controls and more.


As aforementioned, Norton antivirus get updated automatically (whenever an update is available). It may also take your permission for update, in case you have manually turned off the auto update setting. While updating a Norton product for Mac, you may encounter several issues that can halt this operation, until the error is fixed.

The most common update error occurs when there is an intermittent problem with the LiveUpdate servers. In this case, wait for twenty four hours and then run LiveUpdate again. If the error is still there, then follow these troubleshooting steps:

1. Updating Virus Definition

  • First, download the virus definition for your specific Norton product from its official website
  • The downloaded file, i.e. nis6avdefinitions.pkg is automatically saved to the Downloads folder
  • Double-click this file and follow the further instructions to install the virus definition

2. Run LiveUpdate

  • On the Apple menu bar, click Go
  • From the list, select Applications
  • A window will be displayed
  • Double-click Norton Security from that window
  • Now, in the Norton Security main window, click LiveUpdate

However, if the problem still persists then contacting team would be a great idea. The team of expert technicians will fix the issue by using advanced tools and their expertise. Hope the information was useful!

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asked Nov 10 in Computers & Internet by maria247 (580 points)

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