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What are the best beaches in Kerala?

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Please give me good suggestions
asked Nov 7 in Travel by lifemadeasyholidays (260 points)

1 Answer

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Kerala is blessed with many beaches like Kovalam, Cherai, Muzhupilangadi, Marari beach, Snehathiram beach etc. These are some of the best beaches in Kerala. Beaches are the best tourist spot for families as well as the newlywed couples. Lelagoon Holidays provide many Attractive Kerala tour packages from Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai etc to enjoy the beach tourism.  Muzhappilangad Beach located in Kannur is a must visit as it is the only drive in beach located in Kerala. Youngsters often come to this beach with their bikes and vehicles in order to drive through the beautiful beach. Others also come here in order to study driving. But the tourists come here on the recognition of the fact that it is the largest drive-in beach located in the whole of Asia. The small tea shops located on the shores also provide the tourists with hot snacks and tea to enjoy the sunset from the beach. The other one is Cherai beach. It is located at the end of the Vypeen Island, the people can have a great swim n this beach. Spread out with a coastline of 15 kilometres, this place remains peaceful how much ever tourist rush to the place. An activity that most of them do on reaching Cherai is to buy kites from the sellers. They fly these colourful patterns which give a beautiful view to the by standing onlookers. Every year a Kite flying event is also conducted on the shores of the beach. People from other cities like Bangalore come here to witness this beautiful sight. These are some of the best beaches in Kerala.

answered Nov 7 by lelagoonholidays (220 points)